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Web hosting to webmasters and customer loyalty with CooliceHost

Web hosting to webmasters and customer loyalty with CooliceHost

Miguel Amado
It’s tough to shine in an overcrowded market. There are many options of web hosting and organizations that want their share of the market have to offer new things or find niches. 

This week we interviewed Banko Stoyanov, marketing manager of Coolice Host, to know more about their solution and what they have to offer. Giving only one spoiler, customer support is one of the differentiators.

Please present CooliceHost to our audience.

CooliceHost is a hosting provider that is proud of its highly experienced team with more than 15 years in the industry. Our company is known for its quality hosting services and solutions, its professional customer support, which is always ready to help, and of course reasonable pricing.

The idea behind CooliceHost is to be the right solutions provider for advanced and tech geeks. Our clients mostly own, run and develop websites. We started on September 25th and haven’t stopped upgrading and improving since then. Our group brands have become more popular among webmasters, and we keep up the good work and the vibes as we understand the customer’s needs.

What products do you offer?

There are four types of products. We have both small companies and big enterprises as customers, so we provide shared hosting, cloud solutions, and resell hosting for any design or digital agency. We also supply VDS – Virtual Dedicated Service –, which is more in the enterprise solutions field.

What do you believe are the main differentiation points of CooliceHost?

We know that the competition these days is huge, and because of that our company is specializing in cutting edge technologies, best user experience, and security. These are the main points that we are trying to stick with every single day.

The trends came mostly from what our customers want. We’re getting the opinions from the market to develop something for the market, and that is the main focus of differentiation from our competitors.

Most webmasters want to have a hybrid product, between shared hosting, with its support and managing tools, plus the power of the VPS. We have such a solution, of which we are proud of. So, the differentiation points are mainly the customer opinion and the customer research we did.

Are you focused on a more specialized audience?

Yes. It’s kind of a specific audience here. Right now, about 90% of our customers are webmasters, meaning that our support is less wanted for questions like “how can I install my SSL” certificate? They are a significantly more specific audience, and this can be easily judged on a glance, for the information we provide on our site and the experience our team provides to our customers.

In order to continue to improve these in the future, we continue to collect feedbacks and research the market, and of course, to give the product they want in most cases.

Your website mentions speeding up websites, in order to improve SEO metrics and gain better positioning Google. What other arguments do you use to convince potential customers?

As a webmaster hosting aimed at high-performer users, we do our best to meet SEO requirements and the good performance of the websites. It’s important, not only for a good position in Google, but also for user experience. In most cases, users decided to switch to our services mostly because of our fast servers, accelerated software solutions and good connectivity of the data centers, which are all mentioned on our website.

We give them a chance to test and decide on their own, as well as access to several reviews of our customers. For example, we can give them a test period of a regular WordPress installation to see how speedy it is. Mostly, we put all things in their hands to decide if we are the right solution for them or not. I’m talking about SEO and of course, security and everything that comes with the service.

Having quick and top-rated customer support is not something easy to achieve. What is your secret?

Our secret is to make our customer feel comfortable with this. I think that every company is trying to do that: to keep them as partners, as friends and by approaching each of their problems personally. We know that their problems are common problems and solving them is a victory for both sides.

Instead of aggressively up-sale, which some companies do, we chose to work with them and deeply understand their needs because that is how we gain the customer’s loyalty and the positive word of mouth, which is our most valuable advertising.

When it comes to business and customers, our entire team has the right attitude, and we don’t hold back in the soft skills training. Also, good client service is not something that you can just write on your website, you need to stick to it all the time. That’s what we do in CooliceHost, and our clients appreciate it.

What are CooliceHost plans for the next 3 to 5 years?

There are several things we plan to do. The first one is to engage our product line and to improve the quality of the services. In a few words, our future plans are to expand the product line. We currently have 3 basic hosting solutions that largely meet the needs of our customers, but we are thinking of adding others such as a configuration page, so they can make a tailor-made product.

Another plan is to offer some free features to every of our plants. One of them is the real-time monitoring of our sites. So, when a customer purchases a plan he can subscribe for a free monitoring service. Of course, if the website is down, they can notice that. Finally, we plan on starting to sell domains further in the future.

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