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Helping small businesses grow with Convoboss

Helping small businesses grow with Convoboss

Miguel Amado
Working with small businesses brings many challenges, especially if you are one of the responsibles for their growth. Convoboss is a marketing solution directed to grow small businesses and can help us understand what you have to do to be successful in that role and help SMBs in their journey.

Check out this special interview for Website Planet with James Cooper, Founder and CEO of Convoboss.

Please introduce Convoboss to our audience

Convoboss helps small businesses grow online with high-performing digital marketing tools and strategies. We combine expert strategy and design, artificial intelligence, and advanced marketing automation technologies.

Our all-in-one digital marketing solution includes listing management, online lead generation, conversion rate optimisation (CRO), ecommerce website design and hosting, social media marketing, reputation management, review generation, and digital advertising and PPC.

Convoboss makes it fast, easy, and affordable for any small business to get new customers from digital marketing. Our purpose is to help small business owners grow to their potential and attain personal fulfilment.

What are the main differences in digital marketing to bring results to a small business that wouldn’t work for a large corporation (and vice-versa)

Budgets, staffing, creative strategy, and communication tactics vary hugely between an international mega-marketer like McDonald’s and comparatively micro-budget marketers at small businesses.

Big businesses tend to have big marketing budgets. SMEs need to be lean and efficient in achieving results through marketing. Any marketing strategy you implement needs to align with your budget and not with the million-dollar marketing budgets of big businesses.

Big-name marketers routinely spend six figures plus to create ads to build brand recognition and market preference, often without mentioning their products or prices.

In contrast, small businesses have different needs. They want to establish name recognition just like big brands. Still, their ads have to serve dual purposes — the small business marketing investment must deliver immediate and measurable results.

Each effort has to drive sufficient purchases to offset marketing costs. The challenge is creating marketing that builds a clear brand identity while motivating consumer action to deliver inquiries, generate leads, and convert sales.

Do you believe that small businesses struggle more with limited resources or limited knowledge to create digital marketing strategies on their own?

Yes, they do. It’s the catch 22 of business growth. As a small business owner, you need marketing to generate more leads that convert into sales. However, it would help if you had more sales and revenue to re-invest in marketing. The challenge is finding affordable marketing that delivers results.

What are the first steps you take when a company approaches you?

We put on our consultant hat when a prospective client comes to us. We start by having a conversation with the client, asking many questions, listening intently to their answers, and performing an audit of their online business presence. Next, we strive to understand their business goals, strengths, challenges, opportunities, and threats. No two businesses have identical needs when it comes to marketing. So we work to create tailored, multifaceted solutions that deliver on our clients’ goals — within their budgets.

Can you share some of the case studies and best examples of your work?

Our winery client in England, specialising in sparkling wine, was keen to run Google Ads to drive more traffic to their website and increase online bookings of their luxury vineyard lodges. Our digital advertising team designed and executed a Google Ads campaign for this business for three months. Over five months, the campaign generated 21,700+ impressions and 41 online bookings, yielding a return on ad spend of 820%.

Also, one of our ecommerce clients, specialising in women’s clothing, was interested in running ads to drive more traffic to their website and showcase their products to potential customers. Our digital ads team built and managed a Facebook campaign with retargeting. Facebook quickly became the primary source of website traffic for this client. We also created a Facebook funnel to retarget the people who completed an add-to-cart action and drive more sales. As a result, we generated 185 online purchases for the campaign, yielding a return on ad spend of 262%.

What are Convoboss’ plans for the next few years?

We’re enhancing our ability to serve our clients by developing in-house digital marketing capabilities. We’re growing our client base in the UK and expanding to serve more clients in the US and Canada. So we’re laying the groundwork to scale. All-in-all, we’re optimistic about the future.

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