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Trends and differentiation with ConversionSpree

Trends and differentiation with ConversionSpree

Miguel Amado
Having a website and creating blog posts for SEO purposes is not something new or that will differentiate your business from others right away. So how can you create something unique that generates leads and impacts potential clients using digital marketing?  

We talked with Bukunmi Adewumi from ConversionSpree to know his opinion and more about his and ConversionSpree’s work. Check out the interview for Website Planet‘s blog below.

Please present ConversionSpree to our audience

ConversionSpree is a company that provides digital marketing and web development services, as well as complementary, well-suited products for startups, SMBs and enterprise businesses.

What differentiates ConversionSpree from the many other web development companies?

ConversionSpree’s unique value proposition is to help promote business in addition to being a web development company, while most web development companies have a disjointed product stack. We follow through with the customers’ progress and have cost-effective pricing.

We’ve learned that startups cannot get funds to scale, and it impacts even their website development. It is possible to get your project done with ConversionSpree without having to incur the cost.

Content creators and companies of all sizes don’t seem to be as focused on websites as on YouTube and other social media to promote their work. What is the main argument to create and feed a website in 2022?

My advice to most companies is: don’t just follow the herd. Do your thing uniquely: there are many niches and industry categories, so you don’t want to do the same thing everyone is doing.

A useful example is a product review website: some customers really want to copy other sites’ designs. As much as paths might align, you don’t have to always follow everything from others.

In 2022, if you care about your website, you should care about promotion too. Not just a blind kind of promotion, but rather doing on-page SEO before proceeding to link-building. Invest a lot in content marketing and writing.

I also recommend doing a podcast, because it’s a trend right now, it speaks volumes and people engage well with the promoted website.

Besides podcasts, website owners should be aware of which trends in 2022?

To divert a bit more in SEO. If you are doing SEO in 2022, you’ll want to look at internal linking. Obviously, you want to showcase your website on the internet and there is no better way to rank than being customer-centric. Build your website for users.

I’ve seen in 2022 that most companies that are doing great out there are putting out more content like video and producing a lot of content for internal linking. Also, do follow white hat SEO, since I see that Google has abandoned most websites relying on black hat SEO.

Converting visitors into leads can be very difficult after building a website. How can you help website owners generate leads?

The main focus is the UI-UX design. It is very important. It’s not just about developing a website. 

Even the biggest developer might not know how to do proper designing, which is trendy, niched, and relevant – and this influences conversion.

Even a slight change in color can influence the decision of prospective customers. We’ve seen different studies conducted by agencies and reputed companies about colors and calls to action. There is some debate about this, and we can optimize it. This is what we do.

Apart from that, we do sales copywriting. We talk to your audience in a manner in which we cannot only explain what your product is about, but also actually convince them to buy it, attributing value to it.

What are the future plans for ConversionSpree?

We started in 2020 and it’s been a lot of hurdles. We are growing and we want to invest even more in marketing technology. 

We’ve been offering services like email marketing, configuration for clients, and SEO, but we are going to invest more in technology like automation and some other tools. Of course, we are going to do a lot of promotion and develop software for our clients.

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