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Software products, adapting and support with Conceptworld

Software products, adapting and support with Conceptworld

Miguel Amado
In an ever-changing environment you can’t stand still and wait for good results to come. Conceptworld was created in 2000 in India and since then they create software products that are very useful. We talked with Gautam Jain, the founder of the company, to know more about Conceptworld and its products.

Please present Conceptworld to our audience

Conceptworld creates innovative software products for Windows and Phones, useful to anyone. We are small team based from India who love to translate our customers’ needs to amazing software products. We create apps like an artist who paints a beautiful picture, like a poet who writes a heart-touching poem.

Conceptworld started in 2000 and in these two decades everything changed a couple of times in the sector. How did the company adapt without losing what made it successful in the first place?

That’s right. One of our leading products – Notezilla (sticky notes app) had to quickly adapt to the rapidly changing “smartphone” market. We are a small team. So we had to be very careful in choosing the right cross-platform technology that worked on all major smartphone platforms. Although we were a little late in introducing phone apps for Notezilla, we are glad that our choices were right!

How do the three products that Conceptworld developed differentiate themselves from the competition?

1) Notezilla – We are proud to say that it is the leading sticky notes app for Windows and Phones. The competition is very high here because there are several free alternatives. However, Notezilla ability to stick notes to websites/documents and the ability to sync notes between devices makes it very special amongst its competition.

2) Copywhiz – This product for Windows has a very unique set of features for copying and backing up files. When you search for alternatives to Copywhiz, you may find some products. But most don’t have the features that Copywhiz has. Copywhiz complements other competitor’s products. Users have to buy Copywhiz although they might be using other competitors’ products.

3) RecentX – The idea of this tool is to give you very fast access to frequently needed items – files, folders, clipboard history, website history. When we created RecentX back in 2005, it was the first of its kind. Even now, you will not find much competition. because of its innovative abilities like tagging files and folders.

All of your products are really actionable and useful for users, but Copywhiz tackles a big necessity that users have and a major pain when they need to organize files. Why should I use Copywhiz?

Most of the time, organizing large set of files ends up being an “impossible” task because of its volume and complexity. Copywhiz lets you organize millions of files in a snap! You should use Copywhiz to selectively copy and organize files. Secondly, when you want to backup only new and changed files. Can you imagine how much time this would save? Automatically copying only a few MBs out of several GBs of files!

Support is a very important sector for any company and Copywhiz does a good job in this area. Why do you think that your company shines in this specific point and offers something that others don’t?

Our customers are delighted with our support response. I myself reply to many support queries and love to see them satisfied after resolving any issue. Quite often I see that when a company grows bigger, their support quality is affected. We don’t want to be so big that our support turn into boilerplate replies.

What are Conceptworld’s plans for the future?

We like to go slow and enjoy the journey of making software. So we have short-term plans. In a couple of months we are going to launch Notezilla 9 – a major version. We see a several fold increase in the market share due to its new and modern features.

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