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Managing customer service easily with ChannelReply

Managing customer service easily with ChannelReply

Miguel Amado
With more and more business being made online, eCommerces can suffer when working with multiple platforms, having to deal with products, questions, selling, charging, shipping, getting feedback etc. ChannelReply comes to the rescue with its API connection and we talked with Michael Dash, Co-Founder & CEO, to know more about the platform and understand how eCommerce is operating nowadays.

Please present ChannelReply to our audience

ChannelReply is the API connection between marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Shopify and Helpdesk software such as Zendesk, Freshdesk, Gorgias, Helpscout and Re:Amaze. Our software connects the marketplace customer communication and order information into a helpdesk so a seller can easily manage their customer service and feedback from one interface.

Rather than having customer service agents trying to manage multiple screens and logins, they can simplify and scale customer service as it should be done within the marketplaces.

eCommerce grew up in the pandemic since more people stayed at home and bought online. Did you notice an uptick in users and sales?

Absolutely. The pandemic has pushed ecommerce forward more rapidly than we have ever seen in the past. More people have gotten used to buying online. As a result, more people are selling online than ever before.

Over the past year and half we have seen faster growth in users than we have experienced since the company began.

What did you notice were the major pains your clients had? Was dealing with different platforms and languages, having to keep up with sales and communication with clients in different platforms, losing information and possible sales?

The pains actually came from first hand experience. I was a seller myself having built and ran an ecommerce company. I sold directly to consumers via Magento and on the marketplaces (Amazon & eBay). I realized early on how inefficient trying to scale my customer service team was with the solutions in place.

We integrated eBay & Zendesk to help solve a very real problem we were having with the amount of customer messages we were receiving. Soon after that we integrated Amazon to help solve the same issues. Once we realized that others were having the same problems, we turned our solution into a product for others. Now sellers can easily manage all their marketplace questions, returns, refunds, cases and so much more from one interface.

Can you explain to us what CR Feedback is?

CR Feedback is a tool that allows Amazon sellers to gather feedback from their customers. It is an automated solution that requests individual customers leave reviews on the products and companies they have purchased from on Amazon. This in turn raises ratings for these products and companies and drives more sales.

How does ChannelReply offer a secure and protected environment for its users, something that is a major concern today?

All of our services are protected with many layers of security. We went through a very detailed Audit process with Amazon and Deloitte in which 12 auditors penetration tested our solution for 3 months. We are highly encrypted and passed all security challenges with flying colors.

What are the plans for ChannelReply in the near future?

We plan on integrating more marketplaces such as Etsy, NewEgg, Rakuten, C-discount and many more into our solution along with more Helpdesks and CRMs such as Salesforce, Happyfox, Zoho, etc. The more integrations we have for our customers the wider the audience we can reach and more value we can deliver.

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