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World class digital experiences and the metaverse with Appetite Creative

World class digital experiences and the metaverse with Appetite Creative

Miguel Amado
Offering world class digital experiences is not something easy to do. Appetite Creative seems to be going just fine. With large clients and expanding their operations, the marketing agency is shining with their ideas, including connected packaging and the metaverse.

In this interview for Website Planet we talked with Jenny Stanley, Managing Director of Appetite Creative, to know more about their work, plans for the future and current trends. Check out this great interview!

Your list of clients is impressive, going from Apple to Emirates, from Bacardi to Bayer. All those companies must have completely different ideas of digital experience and what that means. How do you navigate those different environments and expectations?

When working with big or small companies, the key is to know how to adapt. No client is the same regardless of their size or popularity, but all teams are built with people like us. Listening to the client’s needs and wants, taking notes of their plans for the near and distant future, and being honest and direct to manage expectations.

These are all great tips to handle these types of situations. But above all, you need to be confident in your capabilities, team, and products.

You explore the possibilities of connected packaging in a very interesting way. Can you explain what that is to our audience and a success case you have using that concept?

The use of QR (Quick Response) codes, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), NFC (Near-field communication), and other digital technologies to turn packaging into a digital experience is referred to as connected packaging. When scanned with a mobile phone, these codes allow a business to create a narrative, keep customers up to speed on news and special offers, and even collect feedback and GDPR-compliant data. It transforms your packaging into a new communication channel that’s always active and present as long as your customer has it in his hands, fridge or home.

For us, a great example of this is a back to school campaign that we did for KDD, a leading manufacturer of food and beverage. They wanted to engage further with their audiences through juice and milk drinks after the pandemic. Our task was to develop an attractive and engaging game that showcases the KDD beverage range and provides a fun and interactive experience for all age groups. Kids and parents could access the free mobile game by scanning a QR code added to their travel-size juice packaging.

Connecting brands with their audience is part of your culture and is the goal for any marketing strategy but doing that without many resources can be a challenge. What tips do you have for small companies that didn’t find their image and need to market themselves better?

We are living in the age of social media. With creativity and mindfulness of your audience, any company can make itself heard without spending too much money. But being creative is more than just brainstorming. Quality content is critical for brand recognition. Find your differentiating factor, and don’t be afraid to break the mold.

What should small entrepreneurs have in mind when searching for a creative agency to help their business grow?

Great case studies, international teams that offer ideas from different points of view, fast response times, and excellent references or reviews on professional review websites for companies like Clutch.co.

Your agency already has a foot in the metaverse and works with NFTs and Web 3.0. What are the main challenges with being an early adopter?

Working with something so fresh or new means that everyone looks at what you are doing to learn or follow your steps. This could be a pressure point for some or motivation for others. For us, the main challenge is to keep our team informed and up to date with all the changes in this booming industry and to expose ourselves as professionals in a business that many people and companies are still trying to grasp.

Can you share with us a specific project in that area that is a success case?

We have been working for some time now on an exciting P2E game (play-to-earn game) for the NFT studio “Lost At Sea”. This fun game allows players to race with their friends using the NFT avatars created by the studio to compete against each other to win tokens that can later be exchanged in cryptocurrency. This is an excellent example of how the metaverse is slowly crawling into our daily activities, such as gaming.

What are Appetite Creative’s plans for the next 3-5 years?

We are focusing on expanding our client base to Spanish-speaking countries such as Spain. Concentrate on developing more metaverse and connected packaging products to help companies improve their sustainability qualities and reduce their carbon footprint.

I want to remind the readers that our team at Appetite Creative specializes in developing interactive, connected packaging experiences, but we also offer excellent services around website, mobile apps and games development, Metaverse software creation, P2E games, IoT, and blockchain assets development like NFTs, digital wallets and market places. Reach out to us at [email protected] or through our websites, AppetiteCreative.com & Appelink.com, and we will be happy to help you.

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