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Yosi Dahan Co-founder & CEO at ProveSource, Entrepreneur.

Increase Customer Trust with ProveSource Social Proof Tools

Ditsa Keren

ProveSource is an Israeli startup that provides website owners with powerful tools to increase user trust. By giving online businesses that busy-store feeling, ProveSource entices other visitors to come and see what all the fuss is about, as Co-founder and CEO Yosi Dahan explains.

What are the Core Values of ProveSource?

We launched ProveSource in May 2018. We wanted to create a tool that would help website owners, e-commerce entrepreneurs, and marketers to convert their visitors into leads by increasing trust and by showing new visitors what other people are doing on the website. We harness social proof by helping businesses turn website traffic and sales into relatable insights that customers can see.

Think about what happens when you search for a hotel on booking.com. They show you positive reviews from recent customers; they tell you what is the best deal that you can get TODAY, and how many other people have booked that deal in the last 8 hours.
By showing what other people are doing, they create a sense of urgency that pushes the visitor to act.

What’s Unique About ProveSource?

We are one of the fastest growing social proof platforms. We target business owners and website operators who want to see conversions improve. Installing ProveSource on any platform is as easy as installing a Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics.
It only takes a few minutes to integrate it with Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, or even Cloudflare apps.
It’s very unique because you don’t have to do anything other than add a snippet to your website and configure the notifications.
You can change the text and view of notifications to make them speak your brand.
Thanks to our incredible community, we now support over 20 languages, so we can offer fully localized notifications that speak your audience’ language.
Basically, our main goal is to show visitors how popular you really are.

When you walk into a restaurant, it’s easy to tell how popular it is just by looking around. But when you’re in front of a computer, it’s hard to tell how hot a website or a business is. Our mission is to make your customers’ online shopping experience as easy and as informative as buying in a physical store.

What Kind of Insights Does ProveSource Provide?

There are many insights that you can get depending on how you set your notifications.

For example, you can show how many visitors came to a specific page on your website; you can show recent and real-time newsletter sign-ups; you can show how many people have made purchases on a specific day; and which products they have purchased.

You get to decide what would be the time frame of notifications according to the number of visitors on a specific day.
If you install our native apps for e-commerce, we automatically generate a social proof notification for every purchase, so when you enter the website as a visitor, you will see that David from California just bought black shoes 3 minutes ago.

By doing so, we try to increase trust. People don’t know if your brand is reliable enough for them to trust you with their credit card number or email address. They need to trust you in order to buy from you.
When you visit a physical store you can see what other people are interested in. You can see which items are the last ones on the shelf and try to grab them first. With our live insights, visitors can see and feel that they are not alone.

ProveSource analytics panel

What Are Your Personal Insights on User Behavior in Relation to Privacy?

Most users have absolutely no issue sharing personal information with websites like Facebook, Amazon and other big players. These websites have gained the trust of millions over the years by simply being trustworthy and building an excellent reputation. Developing a sense of trust is the basis for growing a business. So I think social proof is a great way to earn a reputation, to show that your brand is actually worth something.
We understand it’s impossible to not judge a book by its cover, so we try to make the cover as appealing and as welcoming as it can be.

In Your Opinion, What New Trends Can We Expect to See in Social Branding Over the Next Few Years?

I think that on the e-commerce side, more and more shop owners are trying to build a sense of trust with their visitors.
Brands are investing huge budgets on gathering followers on Facebook and Instagram, just to be able to show other people that they are trustworthy.
They collect reviews from recent customers and mentions in the press because their reputation is important to them, and these are the things that make the first impression on the viewers. Any mention in the press helps to advertise your brand and gain popularity, and E-commerce owners are trying to achieve exactly that.
I think we are going to see more and more websites and eCommerce platforms use social proof in different ways, for example, by asking customers to create content, take a picture of a product or upload a video testimonial that will give other viewers the feeling that this is a great place for shopping.


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Make the hot button for ordered and unordered lists in the backend In the mobile version we remove the sticky bar with social media buttons from side bar to the block with Claps (Clap for the post if you found it useful)
Make the hot button for ordered and unordered lists in the backend In the mobile version we remove the sticky bar with social media buttons from side bar to the block with Claps (Clap for the post if you found it useful)
Make the hot button for ordered and unordered lists in the backend In the mobile version we remove the sticky bar with social media buttons from side bar to the block with Claps (Clap for the post if you found it useful)
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