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Build Interactive Click Flows And Create An Outstanding UX With Heyflow

Build Interactive Click Flows And Create An Outstanding UX With Heyflow

Ditsa Keren

Heyflow (formerly Niro) is a no-code software that lets you build, design, and integrate clickflows – the next generation of web forms. In this interview, Heyflow CEO Amir Bohnenkamp explains what click flows are all about, and how they can be used to achieve great interactions that convert traffic into sales.

Please describe the story behind the company: What sparked the idea, and how has it evolved so far?

Back in 2017, I joined Medwing, heading the product development of what is today Europe’s largest career platform for healthcare staffing. At its core, Medwing is a marketplace that connects nurses and physicians with hospitals around the globe.

In a market environment that is very much dominated by the shortage of healthcare staff, the number one question I kept asking myself was how we could build a website experience that drives engagement and enables us to convert as much traffic to signups and leads as possible.

As part of our research at Medwing, one best practice stood out across all industries: The use of clickflows, a hybrid of a website and a form, ultimately designed to optimize user experience and conversions. One example that I found very intriguing here is Lemonade, a digital-first insurance company that went to IPO within 5 years. 

Knowing what we want, the problem we faced at Medwing was that we were not able to build a clickflow. In the early days, we had no developers or software tools, such as website builders focused on displaying content, and form builders were by far not complex enough. To make a long story short, we had to hire engineers and build our clickflows ourselves – it took us months and was very painful.

And this is exactly what my cofounder Dustin Jaacks and I are solving today with Heyflow. With Heyflow we are building the no-code platform that empowers companies to convert traffic to signups, leads and sales. Instead of investing months, our customers are able to build top-notch clickflows within a few hours. We are a diverse team (~10 people from 6 different countries and are headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.

What is a click flow? 

The idea of click flows is to build something super easy that people can engage with without having to type, because typing is a conversion killer, especially on mobile phones. We want to provide an experience that resonates with peoples’ habits and lifestyles to quickly get them onboard.

For example, when you visit Medwing’s homepage, you’ll get several questions about your location, the type of position you’re interested in, your medical expertise, and so on. The entire process literally takes seconds and allows a frictionless experience. 

Of course, Medwing is just one of many examples where clickflows are being used. To date, we have customers from more than 12 industries and can confirm that clickflows have become now a common tool for marketers to double-down on conversions. It’s not as a bot, it’s not a form, it’s something in between. 

A typical Heyflow user works in marketing – this makes sense because this person also cares most about conversions  –they’re very aware of engagement and conversion optimization. Therefore, our focus is also to build features that are highly relevant for marketers, for instance, the perfect tracking and analytics setup, but also the possibility to always be on-brand in terms of UI and UX design. 

How does Heyflow work? 

HeyFlow is organized into four panels:
  • The block panel where you can simply drag and drop 25+ building blocks to build a versatile flow in no time – just drag & drop!
  • The editor panel where you  edit blocks, define block-specific functionalities, routes, and logical rules to engage smarter and more human functionalities
  • The preview panel where you can see a live preview of your flow. 
  • The screen panel where you have an overview of the different screens (i.e. pages) you’ve built 
You can match your CI by leveraging the power of style variables. Furthermore, we offer over 30,000 icons in 3 coherent weights that are ready for our customers right within the app.

Every clickflow can be embedded on any website or simply as a stand-alone landing page. Further, every clickflow is optimized for mobile devices and is 100% responsive.

One big advantage of Heyflow is our analytics dashboard, where you can monitor conversion rates, drop-offs, and much more. Tracking tools, such as  Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, or Facebook Pixel can also be directly integrated.

How does HeyFlow interact with third-party applications?

We want to give our users as much independence as possible. Integrations help us do that because they allow the users to do everything without leaving the app. For us, it’s also a means to maintain customer loyalty and speed up our customers’ workflow.

We offer direct integrations with Slack, Airtable, Google Sheets, Hubspot, PipeDrive, and others. Of course, we are also offering direct integrations with various analytics and tracking tools. Going forward, we plan to invest more resources into integrating with CRMs and marketing automation tools.

We’re also planning to offer what we call front-end integrations, where we’re not just sending data from one point to another, but actually enable our customers to integrate third-party blocks onto their clickflow’s front-end without having any UI or UX friction. This is definitely at the top of our plate right now and we’ll keep adding more front-end integrations down the road.

Which trends and technologies do you find to be particularly intriguing these days?

I think no code is a big trend right now. It really gives users the superpowers to get on the same level as fortune 500 companies within days, just by leveraging online tools. This is the one thing that fascinates me the most. 

In the beginning, most of our customers were independent growth hackers, small companies, and entrepreneurs. Nowadays, we are serving some of the largest enterprises in Germany. We make it very easy for our customers to become better at optimizing conversion rates and scaling quickly. My big bet is that we’ll see an even wider adoption of no-code in SMEs.

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