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Outsource content to craft high-quality pieces to build authority for brands online with Express Writers

Outsource content to craft high-quality pieces to build authority for brands online with Express Writers

Karen Wilson
Read below to see what Adam Oakley, CEO of Express Writers, told Website Planet about what the company does, how they stand out, and the different content levels they work with.

What does Express Writers do?

Express Writers is a full-service content creation agency. We work with clients who need to outsource content — theirs or their own customers’– to craft high-quality pieces to build authority for brands online. We’ve built a team of experienced, professional writers and editors passionate about writing and using SEO to grow brands through content.

What makes Express Writers stand out?

The secret sauce at Express Writers is the team. Unlike other content providers who lean on marketplaces or untrained individuals, we have a solid group with deep industry experience that sets up apart.

Most online content options are marketplaces requiring businesses to find, vet, and manage their content through a variety of freelancers. There isn’t necessarily quality control over who can work in these marketplaces, so folks end up frustrated with the content they receive and the time it takes to vet and revise content.

That’s where our team comes in. We internally manage writers and match them to clients, creating a writing team with the right experience to write about the industry and learn the branding needs of those we partner with. By consistently improving our understanding of content marketing and SEO best practices, we ensure a seamless experience by prioritizing real conversations with our clients. That’s why, at Express Writers, you’ll find a team of passionate folks who love good writing and seeing quality content results.

This allows us to deliver top-notch quality from the first draft while simplifying content delivery. We are not a cheap content mill, but we stand behind the quality of our content.

How do you ensure the quality and uniqueness of the content that is written?

Our writers go through a thorough vetting process before they train with us. Then they follow an internal training process so we can ensure that they understand our expectations for content. These include the delivery of client-ready unique work. From there, they join the team to write.

Once our writers submit content, our editors check it for quality and use tools like Copyscape to ensure no plagiarization gets through to our clients. If anything is off, it goes back to a writer after a discussion with the team. Any additional measures are discussed thoroughly from there.

What does your customer service look like? How closely do your writers work with the client?

Our team focuses on creating positive experiences for our clients from the second they put in their first order with us. Most often, our clients interact with our Client Success & Marketing Coordinator, Nicole, who helps match prospects to the best services for their needs, answers questions from existing clients, and works with our long-term partners to place their orders and make sure branding is on point. We aim to find solutions to any problems that arise through collaboration and clear instructions.

Our writers take their directions and the input forms directly from the clients. So any materials they need are given before they begin writing. All details come from the Content Manager and Client Success Coordinator through our input forms and onboarding documents. Having these completed up front limits confusion and allows us to prioritize writing so timelines stay on track.

Additionally, we match writers with clients to build a team that works with them on their content with each order. So our writers get to know their brand needs over a long-term partnership with us, and our clients learn about each writer’s style and provide feedback. This allows us to constantly improve. Because we work so closely with our clients’ materials and have regular conversations, we minimize friction and prioritize content delivery over everything.

Please explain your content levels:

  • General writing: This content doesn’t require heavy research from the writer and can be searched easily online.
  • Expert writing: At this level, writers work with more demanding industries. The topics at this level do not require as much technical knowledge or hands-on experience from the writer but come from a more professional place.
  • Specialty writing: This is where you’ll find our top-level writers. Clients ordering this level of content look for technical topics, in-depth knowledge of their industry, and very experienced writers. For example, all of our legal writing is done at this level because we hire attorneys and paralegals who can really break down a topic.
  • Authority writing: Authority packages include SEO research and graphic design. Our top writers work on these pieces and must go through internal training before working on these highly specialized and detailed pieces. These long-form pieces often act guides, technical landing pages, or pillar pages.

What can we expect to see from Express Writers in the future?

Currently, we’re working on a client and team portal overhaul. This new technology will give our clients more options and be easier to access and use. We’re very excited about what this means for our clients because we’re continuously making it easier for them to order and see content delivered in a timely manner and with the highest quality possible.

Our mission is to make access to amazing content simple. We have a dedicated team of professionals working daily to ensure our clients receive content tailored to their needs. I am excited about the training tools we are building for the team. Since we started, training has been core to how we recruit and retain the best writers in the industry. This year we will be launching a set of free online training courses.

We aim to be the premier content writing agency for top quality. Clients don’t need to worry about managing or finding writers on their own because we hire and vet them for you. We regularly improve our processes to find the best talent in content marketing and industry-focused writing.

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