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Elementor: The Future Of The Web Is In The Hands Of Its Creators

Elementor: The Future Of The Web Is In The Hands Of Its Creators

Ditsa Keren
Elementor, the leading website builder for WordPress, just launched a campaign titled Web Creators. It’s not a traditional marketing or advertisement campaign that highlights new product features or benefits, but rather focuses on the users, the creators of the modern web.

We asked Elementor’s VP of Marketing, Yam Regev, to explain more about the campaign and how this growing professional vertical of web professionals is defining our digital future.

What Can You Tell Us About The Campaign And The Objective Behind It?

We believe that Web Creation is the next big thing and we want to introduce this as a new category – a workforce literally building the virtual world we all live in. Elementor recognizes these superheroes that have so far been working behind the scenes, and we want to pay a tribute to their work. We also want to inspire and rally these professionals to take pride in their work. The video is part of a wider creative campaign that is showing thought leadership to empower and support web creators. We really want to start a conversation.

Is “Web Creators” A Short For “Website Creators” Or Do You View It As A More Broad Term?

In the real world, we have builders- people who actually build the physical world as we know it. In the digital world, we have Web Creators. They can have a background in design, development, or marketing, they may be able to do a bit of all three, they are multi-layered professionals, they may be outstanding at one, but what they actually do is take these skills and add a new layer to them. They create for the web with purpose, and they view things through a web mindset.

They are builders and creators who create new web realities every day. This makes them multi-layered and deepens their skills beyond the traditional professions, creating a new breed of professional – the web creator.

How Has The Growth Of Ecommerce Amid The Pandemic Impacted Job Opportunities For Web Creators?

As part of the campaign, Elementor surveyed more than a thousand Web Creators in partnership with getWizer and found a booming workforce of Generation Z and Millenials taking up the role of Web Creator. The main takeaways from the research include that:

The field is growing massively as a serious profession:
  • 67% of web creators are Generation Z or Millennials.
  • 55% of Millennials surveyed rely on web creation as their full-time job, compared to a lower rate among Baby Boomers (19% as a full-time job), who are more likely to design websites in their spare time.
The demand for services is huge:
  • 68% of web creators experienced a surge in demand since the outbreak of Covid-19
  • 70% feel there is more competition in the field compared to a year ago.
  • 78% expect web creation demand from clients to grow in the upcoming year with 77% expecting the field of web creation to continue to grow over the next five years.
People pride in their web creation work:
  • 78% of Web Creators are proud to identify as such.
  • 80% of Millennials say their families are supportive of their career choice.

How Is Elementor Responding To The Needs Of People Who Turned To Web Design During Covid As A Side Gig?

Elementor users come with varying degrees of experience. There’s definitely a category of users who are on a journey to learn more about web creation and Elementor is committed to providing support to level up their skills. Our recently launched Academy is a huge resource for learning.

What Is Elementor Working On At The Moment?

We just released our latest eCommerce features with major advances to our WooCommerce offering. We are really excited to be able to bring Elementor’s key ethos of complete design freedom to eCommerce. The new features allow web creators to fully apply their unique design language to WooCommerce widgets and create top-performing stores with better credibility, higher conversion rates, and increased sales.

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