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Digitize And Simplify Your Everyday Business With Dreipol

Digitize And Simplify Your Everyday Business With Dreipol

Marko Velimirović
This week, Website Planet had the opportunity to speak with Nino Cometti, CEO & Partner at dreipol. We talked about the company, how it evolved, what services it offers, and its mission.

Please present dreipol to our audience.

At dreipol, we have been designing and developing innovative mobile and web applications since 2010. Design and technology are inseparable for an excellent user experience and innovative products. That’s why our interdisciplinary team brings a profound understanding in both areas and works together on projects right from the start. We carry out all our work entirely in Switzerland.

Please describe the story behind the company: What sparked the idea, and how has it evolved so far?

The story of dreipol began when Nino Cometti, Philipp Läubli, Tobias Koller, and Dondup Shelkar graduated in Interaction Design at the Zurich University of the Arts.

At that time, interaction design was still not very common, and most agencies mainly positioned themselves in the fields of advertising and graphics or the more technical area of software development.

As interaction designers, however, it was enormously important to us that both the technical and visual aspects as well as the interaction work together harmoniously: A product should not only work but also be easy to use and good-looking. At that time, we could only find this demand in a few other Swiss companies, so we decided to found our own agency.

The essential tension between intelligence, aesthetics, and intuition accompanied us from the beginning. Finally, the name “dreipol” was created in this context from these three different poles, which always have to be united for us.

What services do you offer?

Product Vision – We derive the product vision’s implementation strategy and the appropriate procedure.

Product Development – We get creative and conceptualize and design the optimal experience for the product. We either develop from scratch or modernize the existing.

Product Management – We take over the maintenance, monitoring, or even operation of the mobile or web application.

What is the mission of dreipol?

We create digital products with ambitious companies that inspire and simplify everyday life – because time is precious.

Who are your typical customers, and what do you think is the main challenge that your product solves for them?

For us, there is no such thing as the typical customer. Startups, SMEs, and big corporations trust us equally. What they have in common is that they want to digitize and simplify their everyday business. We then find the right solution with them. Whether it’s an entirely new product, the modernization of an existing offering, or tailored support in design or engineering.

How do you envision the future of your industry?

Digital business models are now part of the core business of many companies. They have insourced and built up digital resources internally. As a result, the work for us digital agencies is declining. Web tools exacerbate the situation. They have become so intuitive and easy to use. The quality of nearshoring has also steadily improved. Considering these trends, I believe that focus, specialization, and creativity will be critical for our industry in the future. Digital agencies will have to find their niche and offer added value in expertise that cannot be bought.

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