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Divami – Humanizing Technology With Impactful User Experiences

Divami – Humanizing Technology With Impactful User Experiences

Marko Velimirović
This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Naveen Puttagunta, the CEO of Divami Design Labs. We discussed the company’s beginnings, its mission, and plans for the near future.

Please present Divami Design Labs to our audience

Divami Design Labs has been in the UI/UX Design and Development space since 2008, focusing on delivering UX Strategy, User Research, UX & UI Design, and design-led development services for a diverse set of customers. We collaborate with global clients across industries to design and deliver pixel-perfect screens for mobile, web, smart TV, and wearable applications. Our clientele includes

the finest B2B SaaS Platforms, Enterprise Software Product firms, Consumer (including e-commerce) Apps and Platforms, and Corporates undergoing digital transformation.

Our emphasis on user research to deliver exceptional designs helps us stand out among similar players in the industry. We have crafted our niche with 13+ years of experience by focusing only on SaaS, tech software, and digital transformation clients.

Please describe the story behind the company: What sparked the idea, and how has it evolved so far?

We started Divami to build a design studio of the highest quality. Our journey has been fantastic, better than a roller coaster ride. Divami was founded in 2008, when we turned a (floundering) product startup team into a successful services organization providing UX and UI – we essentially took the best pieces of the floundering startup. We created a service offering that we realized the rest of the world needed.

Since then, our brand, services, and commitment to our work have only evolved for the better. Our values & strong passion for delivering world-class designs keep us motivated every day.

For the first few years, we mainly worked with US Customers and some leading enterprise companies and gained deep expertise in the enterprise space.

As we saw the startup ecosystem evolve in India and the design awareness went up, we started working with Indian companies — startups in the consumer space and selected large corporates who traditionally looked for design partners outside India in the past.

We are now a team of nearly a hundred and are based in Hyderabad. We chose not to maintain a physical presence in multiple cities and rely on technology to deliver projects remotely, whether the client is in Bengaluru or Austin. Also, our decision to only stick to our core offering – UX, UI, and Design-led development services – rather than expand into generic IT services has helped us maintain a laser-like focus and establish our brand and identity in that space.

What is the mission of Divami Design Labs?

Today, we are one of the leading UX/UI Design Agencies globally. Our goal is to be the top design and development agency globally in the next three years. This goal aligns beautifully with our mission, which is to drive change in the world through technology to build a better future.

Who are your typical customers, and what do you think is the main challenge that your product solves for them?

Right now, our client base is almost equally split between the US and Indian clients, and work is distributed across SMEs, corporates, and digital transformation enterprises. These businesses understand the importance of design thinking but lack the resources and expertise to deliver that exceptional user experience to their customers. Divami specifically helps them solve the problem by conducting in-depth user research, coming up with a UX strategy, and setting the design tone right. Moreover, through our substantial development capabilities, we can not only deliver world-class designs but also help execute them to pixel-perfect perfection. To our customers, we can provide end-to-end services, starting from concept to complete deployment, and take their product or platform live by helping them with every process along the way.

What separates you from other similar websites/companies?

I believe there are three things that set us apart and not surprisingly, all three are dependent and feed off of each other – we are a design studio that can also be a one-stop shop for a small organization. This goes far beyond simply passing on a client/project to partners who would execute different parts of the project; we take full responsibility for project management and delivery — essentially we execute the entire project for you while ensuring that best-in-category partners deliver different pieces of the project. As one of our customers verbalized, since we are responsible for the design, we are also the best people to ensure the designs come to life the right way.

Secondly, our project execution model – we approach each project as a team project driving up reliability and accountability. The strength and diversity we bring to the team through the individuals ensure we are able to leverage ideas from different backgrounds and industry segments. Our insistence on a well-proven and established process introduces rigor and the right focus on user needs and eliminates individual designer prejudices. Our extensive development experience and our development team’s involvement during the design process ensure that our designs are not only innovative but also “practical” and “implementable”.

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, our collaborative and iterative design process involving the client stakeholders and our emphasis on user research reinforces our motto that “Customer is King and User is God”. This ensures we strike the right balance between driving business priorities and addressing user needs.

What are the plans for Divami Design Labs for the near future?

We are constantly evolving; both internally and externally. We plan to double our team in the next year with an influx of long-term clientele. By involving ourselves in the upcoming trends of AR/VR, IoT, and MR, we are working on solutions that reach the masses and bring positive social impact. We have set ourselves some aggressive goals. After all, being the best is not an easy task.

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