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DevriX – Long-term Development, Support, And Innovation For Your WordPress Platform.

DevriX – Long-term Development, Support, And Innovation For Your WordPress Platform.

Marko Velimirović
This week, we had the opportunity to speak with Stanko Metodiev, the CTO of DevriX. We discussed how the company evolved, what is its mission, and what are the plans for the near future.

Please present DevriX to our audience.

DevriX was founded back in 2010 and now is ranking among the top 20 WordPress Agencies worldwide.

We are proud to have 10+ WordPress Core contributors supporting the development of the platform. In addition, we’ve developed hundreds of plugins, a dozen SaaS products, and numerous completed projects with clients from 5 different continents.

We are a group of 40+ hardworking individuals who focus on delivering great results for our long-term clients and partners.

Please describe the story behind the company: What sparked the idea, and how has it evolved so far?

DevriX started as a web development agency working on different projects in PHP, Python, and Java. One year later, we switched our focus to 100% WordPress. Ever since we’ve been growing steadily, and onboarding new team members. This helps us increase the portfolio of complex projects and solutions we deliver for our clients and partners all over the world.

What is the mission of DevriX?

DevriX is the connection between WordPress and the enterprise world. We set the foundation for success through hard work and dedication. The market share of open-source CMS is ever-growing, and there’s a need for the right talents to develop and maintain enterprise-grade solutions that amass hundreds of millions of views. Here, at DevriX we’re happy to be that link and help establish the new generation of internet standards.

What services do you offer?

DevriX profiles in the retainer-based model. We establish long-term WordPress development partnerships and scale businesses “the agile way” with ROI in mind. This allows us to combine backend and front-end development with marketing strategy and creative power.

Unlike traditional companies that use WordPress only as a platform for building sites, the DevriX team is diligently developing projects with REST APIs, headless web applications, multiple integrations with CRM/ERPs, and .NET/Python® Java platforms running in parallel.

We keep pushing in the same direction through cutting-edge technical solutions, creative marketing, and branding approaches, and in-house business consulting solutions that drive our partners forward. Our retainers are purely ROI-oriented, and our number one goal is to provide 10 times the value by growing revenue, decreasing costs, automating tedious tasks, and connecting data points together for visibility and planning.

Who are your typical customers, and what do you think is the main challenge that your product solves for them?

DevriX works with a plethora of customers who have different needs. Nevertheless, we provide technical partnerships for both small and medium-sized enterprises, building and supporting their large multisite networks, viral publishing platforms, eCommerce businesses, and SaaS solutions.

Our clients delegate all their technical needs to our team, and this allows them to focus on business growth. Using this approach, we are able to help them automate repetitive tasks, integrate 3rd party APIs, establish high-end deployment processes, perform quality assurance tests, and uptime monitoring and analytics.

What are the plans for DevriX for the near future?

For the past couple of years, the WordPress retainer model has proven to be the most successful for building a sustainable digital business. This is why 95% of our business is retainer-based. In the future, we want to focus on diversifying our retainer clients’ portfolios. We will continue to follow agile management methodologies that allow frequent deployment iterations, continuous development of new features, and handling support requests by changing requirements on the fly.

In terms of specific solutions, we plan to dive deeper into eCommerce projects, headless niche platforms, and publishing websites.

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