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From Web Developer to E-commerce Leader: Anže Voh’s Journey with Degriz

From Web Developer to E-commerce Leader: Anže Voh’s Journey with Degriz

Luka Dragovic
Anže Voh’s journey with Degriz began not as a founder but as a dedicated web developer with a passion for the Internet industry.

Over time, his expertise and drive led him to take ownership of Degriz, a company focused on building high-volume e-commerce websites. In an interview with Website Planet, Anže shared how his extensive background in creating websites for major brands like Audi and Nivea set a strong foundation for his work at Degriz.

Under his leadership, Degriz has grown to offer comprehensive e-commerce solutions on the Magento platform, emphasizing ongoing technical support and client education to ensure sustained success.

What inspired the founding of Degriz?

Initially, I wasn’t a founder of the company but I became the owner later on. From a young age, I wanted to work in the Internet industry, so I started creating websites for different companies and agencies. I worked on hundreds of web pages, including some interesting projects for major brands like Audi and Nivea. However, after some time, I grew tired of website development and sought something new.

Degriz caught my interest as they were focused on building e-commerce websites and high-volume landing pages. Although it was a small, new company at the time, I joined them. Eventually, when the original owners decided to concentrate on their online business, I took over Degriz.

Can you explain the key services Degriz offers to its clients?

Our primary focus is e-commerce solutions built on the Magento platform (https://www.degriz.eu/e-commerce-development), along with all the technical aspects related to it. This includes design, module development, and more. When a client approaches us with an idea, I discuss it with them and develop the best possible plan. We start with a design preview and work towards delivering a finished online store.

However, our involvement doesn’t end there, as e-commerce businesses are constantly evolving. We provide ongoing technical support, adding new functionality and updates to ensure our client’s Magento stores stay up-to-date and continue converting visitors into customers.

How does Degriz ensure the success of its e-commerce solutions?

Success in e-commerce requires constant testing and improvement. A crucial aspect is offering a wide range of options and modules to clients, enabling us to fulfill any requirement and provide them with the necessary tools to succeed.

Additionally, educating clients on how to effectively use these tools is extremely important. To achieve this, I dedicate significant time to communicating with clients and maintaining a knowledge base where they can learn new things. I have written over 200 pages on e-commerce topics and have numerous educational videos and blogs available.

What sets Degriz apart from other e-commerce service providers?

The main differentiator is my extensive experience in the e-commerce industry, spanning more than 13 years. During this time, I have created over 150 e-commerce shops (https://www.degriz.eu/porftolio). Furthermore, I have run my own online business, which has given me insights into the other side of the business, allowing me to provide clients with valuable advice based on my experiences.

Over the years, I have made mistakes and achieved significant successes, all of which contribute to the expertise I bring to the table.

Can you share a memorable success story from a client who used Degriz’s services?

While there have been many successful stories from an economic standpoint, such as a client receiving thousands of orders per day, the most memorable for me is a client who expressed gratitude for their decision to enter the e-commerce space. They shared that if they hadn’t made this choice, they would have had to close their family-owned business at that time.

What future developments or trends do you see as most important for e-commerce?

The e-commerce landscape is currently undergoing significant changes, and even more transformations are expected in the future. I believe speed and simplicity will play crucial roles, from page load times to product discovery and order delivery speed.

Additionally, smaller e-commerce businesses that fail to adapt, offer unique value propositions, and provide excellent customer service may struggle to survive in the evolving market.

Find out more at: www.degriz.net

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