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Easily Build And Maintain Your Website With Boxmode’s Online Presence Suite

Easily Build And Maintain Your Website With Boxmode’s Online Presence Suite

Ditsa Keren
Boxmode’s mission is to help clients build personalized user experiences for their target audiences by establishing a full-scale online presence. In this interview, Founder and CEO Max Yarchevsky discusses the benefits of Boxmode for newbies and advanced users alike, and promises to launch a list of incredible features in the near future.

Please describe the company’s story: What is your mission? What sparked the idea, and how has it evolved so far?

Boxmode was born in 2017 when I wrote the first line of code, with the intention to create a perfect website builder to satisfy my needs.

Almost all the products currently available in this niche are outdated or lack functionality. They have limited mobile optimization, UX problems, or minimal customization options. After thorough research, I got the idea of what a perfect website builder should look like. Then I assembled a motivated team of high-level professionals. Step by step, we created our MVP, which we released in early 2020.

Since then, Boxmode has evolved from a pet project into a full-fledged business. Thousands of happy website owners are actively using it. In addition, Boxmode received awards from two reputable software review platforms: CompareCamp and Crozdesk.

Here’s a quick video introduction to Boxmode:

What are the current challenges that website owners struggle with, and how does your solution help?

Website owners face several issues concerning the leading website builders in the industry, such as Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress.

First and foremost, the majority of website builders don’t offer an exhaustive scope of functionality for users’ future needs. If you need new instruments for your project, you have to migrate to another platform and start everything anew.

Every website builder’s functionality presupposes a certain compromise as far as user requirements on SEO settings and performance optimization go.

Another thing is that website builders develop slowly, and users may wait for fresh functionality for months or even years.

Finally, open-source website builders, particularly WordPress, have security issues because of the nature of these solutions. Any user can access and modify their source code. For instance, one can expand a WordPress site’s functionality by installing a plugin that may have security vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit.

In contrast, Boxmode demonstrates a unique approach. We strive to create a platform that will enable adding new functionality quickly and easily throughout the website lifecycle. We prioritize scalability: we facilitate and create space for our customers to grow and continuously re-invent themselves.

In such a competitive market, what makes Boxmode unique?

The website builders market is competitive, but it doesn’t mean it’s saturated with user-friendly products for progressive consumers.

Boxmode uses a headless content management system (hCMS) backend. It’s one of our strongest points as this is the future of content management. The benefits of hCMS include easier scaling, developer flexibility, enhanced system security, and faster content editing across unlimited digital channels.

Our customer support team is also worth mentioning. They put so much effort into being helpful and replying requests as quickly as possible. For example, we cut ticket processing time from the officially claimed 24 hours to 6 hours.

The last distinction is our freemium model. You can use Boxmode for free for life and have all the basic functionality.

We envision our platform to become the only entry point for our clients, embracing website development, maintenance, expenditures, etc. We intend to support our users across the board and provide all related services either independently or together with expert providers.

How do you balance between simplicity and ease of use versus the need for more advanced tools and solutions?

While non-technical people opt for ease of use, tech-savvy users are looking for more sophisticated and customizable tools. Boxmode provides different complexity modes of interaction within the website builder, on a “simple-to-complex” basis: we provide simple and handy tools to create websites without coding, and allow users to use our advanced tools if they want to add their own code.

What are your top recommendations for maintaining a healthy website?

There are three vital things website owners should do to assure their website health:
  • Optimize your website for mobile users. Since most online activities are done on mobile devices, mobile responsiveness is a crucial factor.
  • Maintain quick load speed. The ideal loading time is 2 seconds. Keep file sizes down and optimize images to reduce the load time to less than 3 seconds.
  • Ensure search engine optimization. Many factors contribute to creating an SEO-friendly website: meta descriptions, keywords, backlinks, absence of broken links, and others.

Which trends and technologies do you expect to see more of in the coming years?

The future has a lot in store for us. Organizations will continue to follow no-code/low-code and traditional development approaches for different use cases. Perhaps some more specialized tools for web development will appear.

As for evolving technologies, I would give prominence to the Internet of Things (IoT), wireless energy transfer, AI, and AR/VR.

People will continue to massively use existing technologies to solve everyday tasks amid pandemic-related restrictions. For instance, online shopping, e-learning, and remote work are here to stay, as well as solutions that make these activities possible.

What are your future plans for Boxmode?

Boxmode aims to build a global web engagement management system (WEMs) – a holistic ecosystem for all business activities online to aggregate and leverage data across different channels more efficiently.

As for regular releases, I promise many great things are coming soon! We keep adding new templates every month. Soon, we’ll offer a Blog Widget, Membership Area, and Grids to ensure Boxmode-based sites are mobile responsive. We also continue to add content to our corporate blog to make it even more helpful for its readers.

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