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BNSHosting – Web Hosting services and challenges in the Philippines

BNSHosting – Web Hosting services and challenges in the Philippines

Miguel Amado
Following on our conversations with interesting companies (and people), Miguel Amado talked with Wilson Chua, founder of BNSHosting, a web hosting company in the Philippines. Check out the conversation!

Please share with us the history of your company

We have roots in IT gadgets distribution. We then branched out into data communications by starting as a local franchise of a Paging company. From there, we added Internet Service and data hosting to our offerings.

BNS offers VPS, shared hosting and even SEO services and other products. Do you see a need from the customers to have all those services under one umbrella?

Yes, there is a need to offer ancillary services in one roof. But no, we don’t have to do it all ourselves. We network with a lot of local experts that provide that service. I believe in diversity and the only way for our clients to benefit from that diversity is when we can tap these experts on behalf of our clients.

Like in most countries, there are big international web hosting companies fighting for the local market. What do you see as your differential so that a user chooses you and not some big name?

Language and culture are two compelling reasons. Data Sovereignty is the other reason. Then there is the growing demand for us to be carbon neutral. To that end we have invested heavily in solar power for our data centers.

You mentioned the sustainability aspect. Can you detail to us what is your virtualized green package and what are the actions your company is taking in that direction?

So instead of a dedicated server that sits idly by 90% of the times, it was better to ‘slice’ the server and offer it as virtual servers. The cost to operate will be lower and we pass on the savings to our client.

If anybody from outside the Philippines wants to use your service, is there a loss in performance?

Actually, the performance increases with regards to domestic users in the Philippines as we have a lot of multiple gateways and peering arrangements with other providers.

So the final arbiter would be the location of most of the users of the hosted solution.

E-commerce is growing all over the world and will not go away anytime soon. Why should an e-commerce owner choose BNS Hosting to host their companies?

Data Security and Data Analytics are the two most common reasons clients tap us. They want to concentrate on their core expertise of marketing and fulfillment. Rarely do they have time for other aspects. We fill in the gap by providing 24×7 snmp based monitoring.
Clients are also now realizing that their weblogs can be monetized. Usually, these web logs are rolled over and nothing more is done about them. We show them how these can be harvested for insights that in turn, help drive more business for them.

The quality of customer service is something that BNS Hosting takes pride in. What can your customers expect when they sign with you?

Our clients are treated like family. Our smaller size allows us to do what the larger companies can not.

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