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10 Best Squarespace Templates for Churches [2024 Update]

Roxana David Roxana DavidWebsite Development Expert March 28, 2024
March 28, 2024
Using a Squarespace template as a starting point for your website is way cheaper than building it from scratch. You don’t need to pay a web designer or learn any code, which is a relief.

The right template should include essential features like an address and location section (with a map), prominent contact information, a service schedule, and plenty of room for large photos.

Although Squarespace doesn’t have any templates built specifically for churches, a few of its designs have all those features and more. Of the templates in the Community & Nonprofits category, several work really well. And there are some surprisingly good options in other categories, too.

I looked through dozens of Squarespace templates and found the ones that are best suited for churches. And just in case you want to see more options, I’ve included some other templates from other top website builders.

Lusaka lets you include snippets from other pages on the homepage. Hover over to see.
Lusaka is a straightforward template that lets you focus on sharing your church’s core mission. You can highlight your work in the community or with charities, or share the aspects of your church that make it truly unique. This template lets you include snippets from each page right on the homepage using a combination of photos and links.

Two of the features that I like the most are the Donation button in the navigation bar and the contact form at the bottom of the homepage so visitors can get in touch.

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2. Eldridge – Focus on Your Atmosphere

Eldridge is simple and easy to read. Hover to see the Our Story page.
Eldridge might be built for a café, but with some edits, it could actually be perfect for a church. The homepage is very easy to read and features a menu section (paired with a large photo) that could easily be tweaked to show your service times.

The Our Story and Photo Gallery pages let you display huge photos of your church in action so your visitors can get a feel for your services. The light, cream-colored palette gives Eldridge a calm, peaceful look, and the default font choice is pretty classy, too.

3. Colima – For Churches With Lots of Events on Schedule

The Our Classes page on Colima is a great place to highlight your events. Hover over to see.
Colima is built for offering classes, so it’s got a lot more functionality than just a simple landing page. This would be a great template if your church holds lots of events, such as bible studies, prayer groups, or food drives. You can create a separate page for each gathering, and even have visitors register for different events (my favorite feature!) if you want to be super organized.

The other pages on this template are also useful for churches. The Our Instructors page could easily become an Our Pastors page, and the fully functional Blog page would be perfect for sharing your latest sermons or church updates. The dedicated Location page gives you plenty of space for your address, a map, and directions so visitors can find you.

4. Euclid – For the Modern, Mission-Minded Church

Euclid’s design has lots of room for large photos in the background.
Euclid is visually stunning with massive images and image loading effects – perfect for modern churches that have great visual content.

The homepage provides lots of space for your most meaningful information – your church’s mission, goals for your community, and storied history. You can also include inspirational quotes from your members or pastor, or Bible verses that have special meaning for your community. Meanwhile, a call-to-action (CTA) section and buttons, including the one in the navigation bar, help you recruit volunteers and collect donations.

And if you have even more meaningful content to share, the great-looking Our Mission and Get Involved pages let you go into greater depth with both info and images. There’s also a prominent contact form, so first-time visitors can easily get in touch.

5. Hoyd – For Grand Church Events

The Hoyd Squarespace template homepage
The Hoyd template from Squarespace is perfect when organizing big celebrations at your church
Hoyd is a one-page website template with a customizable background that works great for church events and community gatherings on special occasions. The layout emphasizes important details about the event, including date, time, and location, with a simple, elegant aesthetic for easy navigation. Plus, it’s made to look great from mobile as well, which is how your congregation will most probably access the website via invitation.

The RSVP feature directly on the homepage makes it straightforward for visitors to express interest and engage. By submitting the simple pop-up form, even newcomers can feel comfortable dropping a message before participating.

6. Harbor – Use Your Photos To Tell Your Story

Squarespace template for churches - Harbor template
Harbor uses photos to structure the info on your church website. Hover over to see.
Harbor, from the Events category, is an image-packed template that starts off simple with a large header and full-screen photo. Here, you could just include your church’s name and location or, as in the demo, the date of any upcoming celebrations or holiday services.

The rest of the page is divided into two columns with titles and short paragraphs for you to lay out all the important info about your church. The Workshops & Events section cleverly combines photos with overlaid text to showcase events, like your services, community events, and Bible study times.

The template also features a large map, an RSVP button for scheduled events, as well as Gallery and Blog pages.

Squarespace template for churches - Paloma template
Paloma features homepage links to your latest sermons. Mouse over to see.
Blogging and podcasting template Paloma could be ideal if you want to use your website to share your church’s sermons and messages. The Latest Episodes section on the homepage includes a link to each full sermon with a date, image, and preview snippet.

Paloma also has a regular blog, so you can update your community about church events. Meanwhile, the About page lets you introduce your church and your pastoral staff all in one place.

8. Barbosa – Sleek and Modern

Squarespace template for churches - Barbosa template
Barbosa has both large text and large images.
Barbosa is a contemporary template built for hotels that lets you link to your important pages from the homepage, much like Lusaka. For example, you can give visitors a virtual tour of your worship space, share info about your groups and gatherings, and tell potential congregants all about who you are.

The header image has a bold tagline text just above where you could highlight your denomination or simply your church’s name. And the Book Room CTA button in the top-right navigation menu could be changed to a signup for a church newsletter, for instance.

9. Bailard – Keep Churchgoers Informed

Bailard template homepage
You can inspire action from your congregation with the Take Action page. Hover to see.
This template is perfect if you want to spread awareness of your church’s activities, with no less than 4 pages under the About category. One of them, the Contact Us page, has a map widget that can prove very useful for first timers.

The template’s design is very simple, but the large headers and asymmetrical text blocks add a dynamic look that keeps users engaged.

You can easily promote your actions and events in the News section, which acts like a blog. And speaking of action, the Take Action button takes the visitors to a page where they are prompted to either donate or join your church.

10. Roseti – Showcase Events and Classes

The Roseti Squarespace template homepage
I think the Roseti template’s warm and clean design is an aesthetic fit for a church
The Roseti theme is not only pretty, but it can help you add visibility to your church events, sermons, Sunday school, or any other activity. The homepage features a large text where you can insert a bible verse or a short description of your church, followed by a CTA to join the community. Right under, there’s a carousel of 3 upcoming events, with the title and date clearly on display.

I like how there are multiple page elements that serve the same purpose, in case the visitor misses one of them. For example, you can find the contact information and address of the church in the footer of every page. However, if someone misses the small print, they can find the address on the Visit page alongside the church’s schedule.

Didn’t Find What You Were Looking For? Check Out These Templates from Our Favorite Site Builders

If you didn’t quite click with the templates above, or if you just want to see some other options, don’t worry. Below are three templates from our other top-rated vendors.

Wix’s Trinity Urban Church – For Urban Churches and Organizations

Trinity Urban Church template home
Trinity Urban Church packs a lot of info. Hover over to see how the Donation section looks.
Trinity Urban Church has a lot of information packed into the homepage. The visitors first see the church’s name on a large image with a sleek scrolling effect. After that, as they go down, they’ll see: upcoming church events, a link to the church’s podcast, a Donate CTA button, and a simple contact form.

The rest of the website can be accessed from the navigation bar that stays on screen no matter how far you scroll. I really appreciate this template’s Search function, which makes it easier to explore, as well as the Chat functionality.

DesignTalk by SITE123: Great for Community Engagement

SITE123's DesignTalk template homepage
Simplicity is either SITE123’s biggest advantage or weakness, depending on your preferences
Don’t laugh – at first glance this template might not look relevant to your mission, but the built-in community forum makes this template a great fit for churches. With the forum, churchgoers can discuss sermons and share how faith helps in their day-to-day life. After all, faith doesn’t end when people walk out of your church!

Like most SITE123 templates, this one is very simple: it has a couple ‘about’ and ‘contact’ sections, and a forum. SITE123 has one of the easiest site editors around, so you can always add more content. But for local churches, this simple approach is probably best anyway.

Charity by Web.com: Packed With Useful Info

Web.com template homepage
The homepage has everything you need, so other pages may not even be necessary
Web.com’s Charity template could easily fit any nonprofit organization, and it shows. While the top of the homepage has an admittedly corporate feel, the bottom has a more local look. The homepage is rounded out by a list of updates, perfect for displaying bits of community news, followed by CTAs to get site visitors involved.

The template also has dedicated sections for outlining your services. The footer is full of useful information, like operating hours and contact info, so visitors don’t need to dig much. If there’s anything you don’t like about the template, Web.com’s editing interface makes it very easy to change.

Building a Great Website for Your Church

Your church’s website doesn’t need to be complicated – it just needs to provide visitors with the most important information about your community and events. Whether you want to just share the basics or do some more in-depth outreach toward potential visitors, I recommend the Squarespace templates listed here.

Any of these templates will let you create a great website for your church without spending loads of time customizing every single page.


Do I need a website for my church?

Having a website is important because it lets you reach out to visitors in your own way, and showcase what’s special about your community. Along with your social media accounts, a website is a great tool for building your church’s online presence. Squarespace has some beautiful templates that can work well for religious organizations.

Is Squarespace easy to use?

Squarespace’s editor is very intuitive, and it lets you add tons of features to your website, including a donation button and events scheduling. Plus, if your church has a blog or is thinking about adding one to its outreach toolkit, Squarespace is a user-friendly, powerful website builder that many bloggers swear by.

How much does Squarespace cost?

Squarespace has four pricing tiers, beginning with the affordable Personal Plan. There is no free plan, but Squarespace does offer a 14-day free trial.

Which is better, Squarespace or Wix?

Squarespace’s templates are professionally designed and are overall better looking, although there aren’t any church-specific designs. On the other hand, Wix is very easy to use and has a number of templates built just for churches (even on the free plan).

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