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18 Best Small Business Website Examples in 2024

Alexandros Melidoniotis Alexandros MelidoniotisWebsite Development Expert
A captivating and functional website is crucial in today’s competitive digital landscape. But crafting a unique website from scratch can be challenging. Trust me – I’ve been there.

Luckily, you don’t have to do all the work yourself. In fact, you need zero coding and design experience to create your own beautiful website. All you really need is a capable website builder and a good-looking, customizable template.

Through personal experience and countless hours of research, I handpicked these templates to help you create a website that truly stands out. Each template has been carefully evaluated to ensure it meets the unique needs of small businesses.

Let’s dive right in!

Did you know you can create a beautiful website for your small business in just a few minutes? Wix has 200+ unique templates for small business websites. Not only do these look great, but they also have all the features you need already built in. Pick one you like, add some text and images, and you’re all set!

1. A Beautiful Anointing (Made With Wix)

a beautiful anointing homepage
Sherrell divided the website content into several sections, making navigation easy. Hover over the image for more
Visit the website at: https://www.abeautifulanointing.com/

Sherrell Jones Whitfield is a single mom of four kids with a very inspiring story. She knows exactly what a good website should look like too. When you first land on the website, you’re welcomed by a hero image of Sherrell herself, immediately capturing your attention and giving the brand a personal touch.

The buttons are always visible but subtle enough in size and color, leaving plenty of space for the products to shine. The small cart icon on the top right corner is another nice touch.

2. I Am Made To Paint (Made With Wix)

Made To Paint homepage
The simple website layout and grounded colors create a calm vibe. Hover for more
Visit the website at: https://www.iammadetopaint.com/

I Am Made To Paint is a small business that produces and sells printable artwork, like personalized hand-drawn and digital portraits and custom-made ornaments. Ashtin, the owner, also does photoshoot sessions which can be scheduled by filling out the relevant contact form on the website. A clear and simple contact form makes it easier for visitors to reach you.

The loyalty program also stands out as an appealing feature. By becoming a member, customers can accumulate points with their purchases. A loyalty or reward program can boost sales through repeat customer purchases.

Pro Tip. If you’re worried that your small business website won’t look as good (or you simply don’t have the time to build it), you can hire a professional designer to create it for you. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either.

With platforms like Fiverr, you can hire a designer for as little as $5 and still get a good-looking website created with your favorite builder.

3. A. Carling Plastering Services (Made With Wix)

A. Carling Plastering services homepage banner
Contact information and CTA buttons should be visible on your website. Hover over the image to see more
Visit the website at: https://www.acarlingplastering.com/

A Carling Plastering Services specializes in various types of plastering services, offering home improvements to its customers. The website’s design is minimal with a black background and white typography, which helps the imagery (their services) stand out.

When it comes to service-oriented small businesses, it’s crucial to provide visitors with an easy way to contact you. The contact information and prominent Call-to-Action (CTA) button at the top of every page (as a fixed banner) do just that.

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4. Baby Bundles by Maddy (Made With Wix)

Baby Bundles By Maddy gift card
Baby Bundles by Maddy has well-organized content on the website, making visitors stick for longer
Visit the website at: https://www.babybundlesbymaddy.com/

I need to confess something – I stayed on this website for longer than I should have. The easy and intuitive navigation keeps you scrolling and searching for more.

All items are neatly organized by category, color, style, and price, making it easy to find precisely what you want. I love it when an e-commerce website has a Quick View feature that allows you to check the item details without leaving the main page or opening a new tab. This makes visitors stay longer and (fingers crossed) buy more.

5. Daisy and Bird Floral Design (Made With Squarespace)

daisy & bird homepage
The Daisy & Bird website makes clever use of white space to give off a more professional and polished vibe
Visit the website at: https://www.daisyandbirdfloraldesign.com/

When it comes to small business website design, less is often more. Caitlin, the owner of Daisy & Bird, has made great use of white space on her website. Everything looks clean, and uncluttered, and with less on the page, it’s easier to skim through and focus on the images.

You can see her past projects complemented by high-quality photographs. It’s always worth Investing in photography that represents your work. Ideally, you should use images of people, where and if it makes sense for your business. As humans, we’re naturally drawn to people’s faces.

Firestop design home page wood
Visible social media buttons can help bring more visitors to your website
Visit the site at: https://www.firestop.design/

Nanna Brændholdt Nielsen is a talented Danish carpenter who mainly designs wood furniture and revamps old furniture to give it a new life. Her website uses earthy colors and a consistent San Serif font that perfectly complements the simplicity of the website. The clean and consistent design makes a good impression and that’s important when you consider that visitors often judge a business’s credibility based on its website.

What enhances that credibility? A responsive website! Firestop’s website also looks good on mobile – the font is large and readable, the pages load fast, and the navigation bar is a vertical hamburger menu in the upper right corner, making it easy to find and move around..

7. Ice Cream Gelato World (Made With Squarespace)

Ice Cream Gelato World home page
You can increase sales, brand recognition, and customer loyalty by creating a simple menu website
Visit the website at: https://www.icecreamgelatoworld.com/

My list wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include a small business that sells food! Ice Cream Gelato World is a small business that sells delicious and sweet food and drinks in the Port Charlotte Area in LA. The website is straightforward and cuts right to the chase: the menu itself, and you can see the price of each item too so there’s no surprises.

You can also download the entire menu. Many people choose a restaurant based on price and what’s on the menu before they get there, so making your menus visible on your website lets potential customers know if you’re what they’re looking for.

8. Identity Shoreman (Made With Squarespace)

Identity Shoreman home page
By showing off past work, Identity Shoreman lets customers know what to expect
Visit the website at: https://www.identityshoreham.co.uk/

Unlike the other websites on my list, Identity Shoreham’s website has an interesting navigation bar where all of the page links are positioned right in the middle. That’s unique enough to pique my interest. The social icons are on the left, and a CTA button for booking an appointment can be found in the top-right corner.

Like Identity Shoreham, you should never skip the privacy policy section. A Privacy Policy shows your visitors that you value their privacy. Being transparent about how you handle customer data helps build trust with your customers. So, this is particularly important for companies that operate online stores and collect user data regularly..

9. Kevin L. Blowers (Made With Hostinger Website Builder)

Kevin L. Blowers carpenter home page quote
Visual imagery and good use of white space can make visitors stay longer
Visit the website at: https://www.33reclaimed.com/

Kevin L. Blowers is a carpenter with over 40 years of experience. His website has been put together with care, but what makes it really stand out is the high-quality photographs, calm earthy colors, and informative copy throughout. Well-written copy can help you optimize your website for SEO, improving the user experience and helping customers find you.

Another thing that can improve the user experience is a simple “Back To Top” button. if your website has a scroll-down layout, as is the case here, it’s so important to include. The Back To Top button reduces the amount of swiping required to return to the top of a page, which just makes navigation easier for everyone.

Other Notable Small Business Website Examples

If this list made you crave more small business website design examples, you’re in luck. I found several more beautiful websites for you to draw inspiration from.

10. Torrid

Torrid home page sale
Well-placed CTA buttons on your homepage can help customers convert
Visit the website at: https://www.torrid.com/

Torrid is a clothing brand selling women’s clothes in sizes 10 to 30. The website is a typical e-commerce website, and conversions are its primary goal so there are several unmissable CTAs spread throughout the page to help generate sales. There are two to the left and one at the bottom in the form of a “sticky” button, which is always visible to the user – great if you don’t want visitors to risk missing it.

11. Danny Mckenzie

Danny McKenzie home page video baner
Video banners have a bigger impact on viewers than still images
Visit the website at: https://www.dannymck.com/

The video banner that comes up when you first land on Danny McKenzie’s homepage matches his vibe perfectly. It’s cool, it’s different and it’s engaging. Danny is a personal trainer, so having a moving element on the website makes perfect sense. Another thing I like about this website is the choice of high-contrast colors, which make it look super professional.

12. Sheezick Na Reezick

Sheezick Na Reezick home page
User experience can make or break a small business website
Visit the website at: https://www.sheezicknareezick.com/

Sheezick Na Reezick is an urban clothing brand that makes items with unique prints. The website has a simple layout – a captivating hero image on the home page, and as you scroll down, you reach the shop with all the items. The website also has a search bar, which helps with navigation, especially when a small business offers many different products for sale.

13. Dauphinette

Dauphinette new arrival home page
Dauphinette’s website perfectly captures the brand’s style
Visit the site at: https://www.dauphinette.com/

Dauphinette’s website gives off a high-fashion vibe – the chic hero image helps a lot with that. I like how they’ve matched the hero image colours into the text to tie it all together. The website layout is super clean and neat which I always appreciate. There’s a vertical sidebar that makes it a breeze to hop between pages, and you can’t miss that big, friendly live chat button. It’s all about ease and convenience.

14. Pacha Soap Co.

Pacha soap home page winter
Warm colors can make visitors feel optimistic, happy, and full of energy
Visit the website at: https://pachasoap.com/

Looking at the homepage image, I can almost smell the soaps. This is an excellent example of a high-quality photograph that grabs your attention. Invest in quality photographs representing your work, services or products to help your brand stand out when building your small business website. Original images can have a significant impact on viewers.

15. Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal home page
Offers and discounts should be bold and explicit
Visit the website at: https://www.nastygal.com/eu/

If you have a product-rich website like Nasty Gal, the best way to make it user-friendly is to have an extensive dropdown navigation menu. All the shop’s items are divided into categories, and finding things is as intuitive as possible. The sitewide discount banner appears front and center on the homepage, enticing users to stay awhile and browse the available products.

16. Pottschwarz

Pottschwarz shop coffee
The sliders are eye-catching, mobile-friendly, and easily customizable
Visit the website at: https://www.pottschwarz.de/

Pottschwarz is a cafe bar, roastery, and a learning hub for future coffee brewers. The website is carefully crafted to look subtle and contemporary at the same time. For example, the colors used are black and white with a hint of brown, looking orderly and professional. The homepage slider effectively promotes different products and services with a series of CTAs.

17. The Lovie Diaries

The Lovie Diaries home page
A populated and well-organised blog can instill trust and help keep visitors on your website
Visit the website at: https://theloviediaries.co.uk/

The Lovie Diaries is a small business that sells customized journals and planners specially made for actors, dancers, and musicians. The website has a shop, a blog section, and an extensive About page. Even though it packs plenty of information, The Lovie Diaries doesn’t overwhelm visitors – the buttons are noticeable without taking up too much valuable space.

18. Izzy Wheels

Izzy Wheels home page
The sticky navigation bar ensures visitors won’t get lost
Visit the site at: https://www.izzywheels.com/

Izzy Wheels is a small business with an inspiring story of two sisters creating colorful stickers for wheelchairs. The website showcases their stickers – colorful, bright, and happy. Bright colors capture attention and give a joyful and fun tone. I like how the shopping cart icon is part of the sticky navigation bar – you can’t miss it!

The Best Website Builders for Small Businesses

You might think creating a professional website for your small business is tough. But it really isn’t. Website builders have simplified things with ready-to-use design templates and easy drag-and-drop tools. Even with zero coding experience, you can now create your own website in just a few minutes.

Want to sell products online? Or optimize your website for Google? No worries – these tools have built-in features that can do all that and more! And guess what? All the cool website examples I showcased earlier were made with the builders you see below.

Let’s look at some of the best website builders perfect for small businesses like yours.

Wix is an excellent website builder for small businesses. Not only is it incredibly user-friendly and easy to use, but it also offers a vast range of powerful tools to help get your business up and running. For example, the platform provides powerful SEO capabilities, allowing you to optimize your website for search engines and reach more customers.

Moreover, its extensive e-commerce features make it easy to start selling products online. With Wix, you can create a beautiful site that your customers will love!

Squarespace is an excellent choice for small businesses that want to create dynamic, media-rich websites. Its intuitive interface and responsive templates make it effortless to build a site that looks professional and engaging, even if you have no prior design experience.

What sets Squarespace apart is its exceptional content management system, allowing you to easily integrate various media into your site, from photos and videos to blog posts and portfolios. This flexibility is ideal for businesses that rely heavily on visual or written content to engage their customers.

3. Hostinger Website Builder – Best for Beginners

Hostinger Website Builder is perfect for new and small businesses that need to create a website quickly, minus the fuss. You choose from over 500 professional design templates, and you can also get access to various tools such as contact forms, image galleries, and live chat.

Hostinger Website Builder also provides helpful SEO and AI tools to help you put yourself out there and streamline the building process. With its low-cost plans, it’s ideal for those on a tight budget.

Creating Your Small Business Website Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Creating a small business website is not as daunting as it might seem, especially with so many tools and templates at your disposal. Whether a one-person operation or a growing team, your website is critical to your business’s success. You have nothing to worry about as long as you stick to a powerful website builder like Wix.

Remember, the secret to a great small business website lies in user-friendliness, mobile optimization, easy navigation, quality images, and impactful copy. Combine these elements with a sense of your unique business identity, and you’ll have a website that looks good and works hard for you.


Is Wix good for a small business?

Wix is an excellent choice for small businesses. It has many tools that make creating an attractive website easy. It includes features like SEO optimization, mobile-friendly design, simple drag-and-drop editing, and analytics. With Wix, small businesses can create a website that shows off their brand and reaches more people.

How do I make a website for my small business?

Creating a website for your small business is super simple with a top website builder like Squarespace. It has tools that make building a website easy. You just pick a template, change it to suit your style, and then add your content. Squarespace also has extra features to improve your website’s functionality.

Do all small businesses need a website?

Absolutely! A website not only broadens your reach but also boosts your business’s credibility. It provides a quick and easy way for customers to find information about your business. In the growing trend of online shopping, a website is vital for setting up an online store. Plus, it offers a platform to engage customers and deliver customer service.

What’s the best website builder for small businesses?

It depends. A versatile option that suits many is Wix. However, Squarespace might appeal to your aesthetic sensibilities if you’re an artist. For beginners, the Hostinger Website Builder is an excellent, user-friendly choice. For more options, check out our list of the best website builder in 2024.

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