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Хендрик Хюман
Хендрик Хюман
Уеб хостинг експерт

If you are in need of a top-level managed IT & cloud services provider in or around the Netherlands for your business, Internedservices is one of the leading platforms. They also offer web hosting through their partner, Argeweb.



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Заключение за Internedservices

Internedservices is one of the, if not the, largest and most popular business IT cloud solution providers in the Netherlands. They were founded in 1996 as a subsidiary of Royal KPN N.V.. They provide fully managed cloud and workspace hosting solutions for businesses and enterprises as well as a few standard cloud hosting solutions. They are still based in and have data centers located in the Netherlands and offer their services in both Dutch and English.



Features and Ease of Use

Most of their actual web hosting services and features are supplied by their partner Argeweb. These include SSL certificates, domain registration, and any specifically required web hosting software, such as online store hosting software.

Internedservices provide a host of other support services linked to their own cloud and IT hosting products as well as their partnered web hosting, such as:

  • Managed hosting: Internedservices provide a wide variety of fully managed hosting solutions so that you can rest assured your business infrastructure runs smoothly and can focus on your core business processes.
  • 100% Uptime guarantee: As their servers are primarily meant to support the needs of enterprise-level businesses who rely on uninterrupted availability, Internedservices come as close to 100% uptime as you can get.
  • Superior support services: Even if you are not on a top-level SLA agreement or one of their enterprise clients, Internedservices provides a number of auxiliary services to improve your hosting experience. These include everything from managing malware/virus threats to setting up a content delivery network.

Internedservices provide high-end cloud infrastructure for enterprise clients. As such, for most packages, they expect their customers or clients to have some form of in-house IT staff to manage their hosting or servers. However, you can also opt for fully managed solutions if you want less responsibility on your shoulders. The sign-up process is also slightly complicated as there are many add-ons. For any of their business IT solutions, you will need to contact them to design an appropriate solution for your needs.


Pricing and Support

Internedservices does not only provide web hosting solutions but also specific hosting and IT solutions for companies, it can be slightly confusing to figure out their pricing. Included in their wide range of business hosting solutions are desktop hosting, exchange hosting, private, public, or hybrid cloud hosting, and fully managed cloud or Azure solutions. Many of these are also pay-per-use.

As companies can have very different requirements, pricing is calculated according to a consultation and assessment of your needs. They do offer Cloud Server hosting configurations with standardized plans that are grouped according to OS and backups. Prices are more expensive for the backed-up solutions:

  • Linux with/without backup:
    • Cloud Server Basic: 500 GB bandwidth, 512 MB RAM, 10 GB hard drive.
    • Cloud Server Plus: 500 GB bandwidth, 1024 MB RAM, 30 GB hard drive.
    • Cloud Server Perfect: 500 GB bandwidth, 2048 MB RAM, 50 GB hard drive.
  • Windows with/without backup:
    • Cloud Server Plus: 500 GB bandwidth, 1024 MB RAM, 30 GB hard drive.
    • Cloud Server Perfect: 500 GB bandwidth, 2048 MB RAM, 50 GB hard drive.

You can also add extra resources as well as higher level SLA agreements for better support and availability. However, their cancellation policies are quite strict and you should carefully read their terms of service.

Internedservices offer both email and phone support in either English or Dutch. The level of support offered will naturally differ by the type of hosting services you require. You can also pay extra for support services with longer hours of availability and quicker response times as laid out in an SLA agreement. Response times are also impacted by office hours.



If you, like most businesses today, believe in a hybridized or fully-cloud future for your business IT infrastructure, servers, or workspaces then it’s definitely worth consulting Internedservices, particularly if you are located in or near the Netherlands. As far as web and cloud hosting goes, you should see what their partner Argeweb has to offer before you join.


  • Many suites of managed cloud hosting solutions for business
  • English and Dutch support/services
  • Highly secure infrastructure adhering to best ISO standards
  • True 100% uptime guarantee


  • Web hosting offered via a hosting partner
  • Expensive hosting option
Хендрик Хюман
Хендрик Хюман
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