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Dotster is one of the first American web hosting company. Not only does Dotster provide a variety of products and pricing plans, customers can also take advantage of their business solutions and web design services for tailored uses.

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Dotster has been around since 1999 and started as a domain registrar. In the early 2000s, Dotster switched over to web hosting and later the company was acquired by the industry giant, EIG. At the moment, there are around 160,000 domains active on Dotster which is a healthy customer base. This U.S.-based hosting provider is only available in English but supports domains from almost any country.

Features and Ease of Use

Dotster has its bases covered by providing all of the most essential features you expect from a hosting provider, for example:

  • Register, transfer, or renew your domain.
  • Web analytics tools to monitor the performance of your sites and user behavior.
  • An email provider with spam filtering, security, and webmail check-in.

A few of their more unique features include:

  • Website design services: You can hire an expert on the Dotster platform to design and build your website for you.
  • A drag and drop site builder: Dotster provides their own basic website builder. It’s not great, but it’s easy to use and gets the job done for simple sites.
  • Free applications: You can also use free applications like WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla to build and manage your site.


vDeck is the hosting manager unless you have VPS hosting. It’s not the best, and I prefer working with other options, like cPanel. However, it’s a pretty straightforward interface that’s simple to navigate and use. You can manage all your databases, FTP transactions, and emails from the single dashboard. The signup process consists of three steps: Register your domain, confirm your selection, and add your billing info.

Pricing and Support

You can get Linux, Windows, or VPS hosting on Doster with Linux being the cheapest and VPS hosting the most expensive. There are three available pricing plans on Linux and Windows: Basic, Deluxe, and Ultra. A huge benefit of their pricing plans is that you get unlimited subdomains and storage space with all three as well as highly scalable bandwidth.

For the Deluxe and Ultra plans, you also get unlimited domains. With Ultra, your number of emails, FTP logins, and databases are also unlimited. Other than that, you get all the features on all pricing plans. They will offer you many extras after signup, such as managed WordPress, extra domains, etc.

Plans are available on one, two, or three-year terms and the longer term you choose, the more you will save. There are no free plans, however, they do offer a 30-day refund period.

Dotster does have an extensive documentation site where you can explore to solve issues. Some articles are a bit out-of-date. However, their chat support is quick to respond to queries and don’t have those annoying automatic responses. I got a reply to a presale question in about 10 seconds and to a support query in just a few seconds longer.
How much does Dotster cost?Dotster offers plans from $4 to $15. The price depends on which type of hosting plan you choose. You can see the updated pricing table (updated weekly) below.
Which Dotster plan should I get?My recommendation is to start with a cheaper plan. You can always upgrade later on. Dotster can help you with the migration to a more expensive plan. The increase in visitors many times takes longer than expected and you shouldn’t pay a lot of money until the need arises. Of course, your needs may vary, and you can consult with a hosting expert from Dotster here.
How good is Dotster’s customer support?Dotster is not ranked as one of our top web hosts. But that can also be a result of Dotster being a small, under the radar, hosting provider. There are advantages to a small hosting company – as a customer, you are more important to them. You can also check out our comparison of the most popular web hosting services here.




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May 16, 2021
Have been with them for almost 20 years, when they used another name.

No reason to leave them. Things have gone wrong sometimes but chat support has been good. Only a few moments of frustration you use to have with any customer service department of any company..I will definitely stick with them for the next years.

Corbett C Harrrison
United States
May 28, 2020
Dotster = Worst Customer Service on Planet Earth!

"Like you could even know that, Napoleon." After installing a $200+ security package on my website, the website stopped working. Four weeks later--after almost NO HELP except a vague email every four days that wasn't helpful--I moved to another service. I stopped payment on the product they sold me, and whoa, they actually had a person call me almost immediately, so if you're stuck with these fools as your server site or email folks, demand good service up front and stop payment within thirty days if you don't get it. This is a company that deserves to fail.

Rachael Lassoff
United States
May 16, 2020
CROOKS! Terrible Customer Service!

We purchased a domain and constantly had problems. They state on their website that they are 24/7 support, but when we called them today (05/16/2020) they stated they aren't fulfilling calls and directed us to a worthless ticketing process. Their website chat is even less helpful. We had a representative named Suma who refused to escalate to their manager. They are a scammy reseller of domain.com. they don't even provide a unique service. Our domain and website are still down, despite us having paid for their service. They are crooks. stay away.

Corbett Harrison
United States
May 08, 2020
There’s no way these aren’t fake positive reviews…

I was with Dotster from almost the beginning, and boy have they crashed and burned reputation-wise. I've been studying Doster's reviews for the last 10 years now that they are unable to fix my website, just to see if it's just me. It's not. Their reviews everywhere else are miserably bad. They messed up my site. They can't seem to fix it. They weakly communicate every 3-4 days. Avoid Dotster like you avoid COVID-19 exposure. I'm beginning the process of transferring all my Dotster domains and website to another location.

Kurt Vinion
Czech Republic
January 20, 2020
Dotster the worst company I have ever dealt with!

I am not sure how the web hosting expert can write such a wonderful review when those of us who actually have had to suffer through the so-called IT support know better. If you want a real unbiased review just read what us real clients have gone through. This company is a disgrace. Their ICANN reporting it garbage! Their Indian IT support makes a mess of everything. Then they charge you for services that you never did receive and then bitch when they have to deal with you demanding the payment back. In short, this is the most disgraceful company I have ever personally dealt with. And the bonus - their Indian IT support simply lies about everything. If you want to be abused, lose money, lose your Gmail account, have your domains ICANN reporting so messed up that even their in house Ownership team is embarrassed - then this company is for you!

jim Smith
United States
May 22, 2019
They are 0 stars

Trust me just don't use them! they didn't remind me to renew my daughters domains (had with them for over 10 years) Then wanted to charge me hundreds of dollars to get it back! At one time I had many domains with them down to my last 3 and today they shut one down to make me get consent so they could sell my info or pay them more money! They are a 0

Omar Dehoyos
November 27, 2018
works great right now

I know I have been using them as a domain registration company for many years. They have been bought out by EIG who seems to be buying out all the hosting companies I have ever used, operating them under their original names. I never new they offered hosting until I received a month free hosting from them. Justhost/Ehost also owned by EIG just deleted/lost/misfiled my website. I read EIG is moving infrastructure to India. My opinion right now is good.


Overall Dotster is a solid hosting provider with access to all the essentials without really offering anything spectacular. If you want to host a simple site at an affordable rate without having to worry about storage limitations, Dotster might be for you.

Still not sure if this is the right web host for you? Check out our top recommended web hosts to learn more.


  • Use managed WordPress or other CMSs build your website.
  • Free built-in drag-and-drop page builder.
  • Unlimited storage space with all pricing plans.
  • Flexible pricing plans with your choice of infrastructure.


  • There is a lot of upselling, particularly when you sign up.
  • vDeck is not the best hosting manager for everyone.
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