How we work

Our Values – WebsitePlanet

Our core value at Website Planet is to provide enrichment to the community. Through our honest reviews, we strive to provide content our readership can trust and use in guiding their decisions. We do not recommend products and services that we would not recommend to our friends and family. User trust is more valuable to us than a Dollar. And at the end of the day, you cannot rank high in Google in the long term with false, biased information.

Every web builder, hosting company, logo designer…etc. goes through an extensive process of testing. Our experts spend hours testing every facet of the product, providing you with actionable information that will inspire confidence when making a final decision of which product to go with.

Because of this, it is important to note that we do not accept any payment to review and/or update a review. We also do not change negative opinions expressed in reviews at the behest of the product or add bias information at the product’s request.

Our Business Model

There are three ways to make a site like ours profitable:

  1. Pump ads throughout the website – this doesn’t work. Not only do visitors tend to bounce quicker when inundated with ads, but we have all gotten smarter in the last few years and installed ad blockers to our computers.
  2. Donations button – this also doesn’t work. No one clicks the button to donate. We tried it for a while instead of affiliate links but the donations we received didn’t even support the cost of coffee.
  3. Affiliate links – we receive a commission from the products you buy. We found this to be the only sustainable model available that can also support the high costs of our product testing requirements.

Clicking an affiliate link does not mean you will be paying more for a certain product. You will pay the exact same price. In fact, sometimes you might even pay less than the price listed on the website.

Our goal is to balance the needs of our users with our ability to make a living. We have reviewed thousands of products and make sure to recommend the right product for your needs. We will not recommend an inferior product just because we will receive a high commission from it.

Why we spend money on translations, yet not make any money off them – while the English version of our website supports itself, we do translate to 30 other languages like Hungarian, Thai, Russian, even though there is very little market. However, users in these markets are also looking for unbiased information and we pay for the translation to offer support.

Furthermore, if you want to see what users really think about products, all you have to do is check out our user reviews. They are 100% REAL user reviews written by those who have used the product. They do not receive compensation for their review. If we see comments that require us to inspect our review and make necessary changes, we will do so.

Our Experts

Simply put – we have experts in each of our categories review our products and write our articles. Our web hosting writers are experts on web hosting, for example. Many writers choose to stay with us and do not write for competitive websites because of the honesty they are able to provide in their content. We allow them to write honest reviews where they can provide their opinion without the risk of being asked to change it.