Sarah Bond

Sarah Bond

Vice President of Marketing at LuckyOrange
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Sarah is the Vice President of Marketing at Lucky Orange, a software company that helps businesses around the world improve website conversion rates. She is responsible for leading all aspects of marketing and communications including product marketing, brand positioning, market research, pricing strategies and communications.

Prior to joining Lucky Orange, Sarah grew her knowledge of marketing, communications and brand strategy through roles with a Fortune 1000 health care information technology company, a marketing agency focused on higher education and an Air Force public affairs office.

She enjoys sharing what she’s learned about marketing and website optimization with others and has been a featured speaker at ProductLed Summit, Digital Summit and PPC Day. Her perspective on conversion rate optimization was featured in the peer-reviewed Journal of Digital and Social Media Marketing and in several CXL Institute playbooks.

Outside of her work, she serves as a member of the Kansas State University’s Marketing Department alumni advisory board and volunteers on the parent advisory board for her children’s school. She also enjoys reading, photography and running.