Brian Minick

Brian Minick

Chief Operating Officer at Zero Bounce
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Brian Minick is the Chief Operating Officer at ZeroBounce, an email validation and deliverability company helping 200,000+ businesses land their emails in the inbox. He oversees the Support & Sales teams, and makes sure you get the most out of ZeroBounce. Brian has 15+ years of experience in Tech and Marketing.

Prior to joining ZeroBounce, Brian worked in the marketing agency and distribution world, where he built thousands of websites for local businesses. Some of these companies were hardly using technology to sell their products. Brian helped transform the flooring industry by moving little mom-and-pop stores into a full online presence with product catalogs, online consultation requests, and shipping product samples directly from the web. During this time, he learned a lot about buying behavior, scaling technologies up, building teams, and supporting local businesses.

Brian enjoys all the different facets of marketing as has always pushed his boundaries and comfort levels. He went from being a quiet, software/web developer in the mid-2000’s to a conference-attending and speaking expert in the email space. He continues to learn and evolve in his career and just finished a Harvard Business School program.

Outside of work Brian enjoys spending time with his wife, kids, family, and friends. He enjoys building things, tinkering with all things electronics and tech, cars and horsepower and just spending quality time with good people. When he isn’t with his two young children, he loves playing basketball or other competitive sports.