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Simplify The Ux Of Your Web3 Stack With Biconomy

Roberto Popolizio
Roberto Popolizio interviewed Dmitriy Sheludko, CEO of Biconomy, a digital asset trading platform handling an average daily trading volume of $200M, and is trusted by over 200 brands and Bitcoin experts.

We looked at the company’s present, past and future, and Sheludko also shared some useful and actionable tips from his experience for crypto adopters.

Please Present Biconomy To Our Audience. What are Your Story and mission?

Biconomy is a digital assets exchange founded and registered in October 2019 in Canada. We focus on the North American market, while we are a global company and we are also interested in European markets – we have an office in the UK, Turkey and CIS, Asia – offices in South Korea and Japan. We are also interested in the Middle East and Africa and we plan to open offices there in the future.

The history of Biconomy began for me many years ago when I worked in the stock markets and saw the prospect of the formation of new technologies and very similar processes that took place on NYSE for example. Consequently, my team and I decided to launch our own cryptocurrency company. At that time, there were already exchanges on the market, but we saw their mistakes and realized that we could offer better products and services.

The mission of our company is to mainstream cryptocurrencies worldwide and to provide the best products and services for the trade and use of cryptocurrencies.

What Makes You Stand Out From Other Crypto exchange plarforms?

We are most competitive due to our team and our experience. Every person in the world has a unique and individual experience, and every individual sees things differently. Therefore, our team also looks at the cryptocurrency market from a different perspective, what opportunities it offers and what services it can provide for users.

We always monitor the market and the overall global economy very carefully and try to learn from the mistakes of others.

We are not yet among the largest exchanges in the world and this is also our advantage – we are very flexible in terms of responding to market conditions and creating exactly those products that users need here and now.

What tools and strategies have you implemented to promote Biconomy, and what are currently your favorite marketing channels?

First of all – of course we are not trying to reinvent the wheel and use all the classic marketing tools that our competitors and all global companies use.

Our audience is a little different from ordinary companies, as the crypto community is often only attracted by constant promotions, token giveaways, and similar attractive activities.

Consequently, our task is to always have the most appealing activities and also to transmit them to a wider audience.

Twitter remains the most effective channel for the crypto community, and we actively use and develop it.

Apart from Biconomy, what other tool should be in any crypto investor’s stack?

Any crypto investor should also have and use a third-party crypto wallet for security purposes. There are many offers on the market and we recommend using the most popular and reliable solutions.

If you are an inactive investor and prefer to store cryptocurrency for a long time without movement, it is better to do this using cold wallets such as Ledger, Trezor.

The best tool for any cryptocurrency user in any situation is your attentiveness and caution. The world of cryptocurrencies presents you with a unique opportunity to transfer millions of dollars instantly to anywhere in the world, and this is a big responsibility that requires attention. Therefore, take it seriously, just like crypto investments. Don’t turn into gamblers. Smart trading is a real job. If you treat it as lucky or unlucky – in the end you will lose everything. And investing everything is the biggest mistake.

How do you see The Future Of the crypto Industry after all the turmoil of 2022?

Any industry and sector of the economy has its failures and upheavals. But in our nature the function of construction and restoration is laid down. Whatever falls or is destroyed, we raise and build again. At the same time, we take into account past mistakes and create better products, systems that are more resistant to future shocks.

Therefore, any crisis and any fall is an opportunity to create a better product and service than we use.

In 2023 and even in 2024, the cryptocurrency market will recover and improve.

We will see new products, companies that will offer completely new and interesting products, which will be the next drivers for the rise and growth of the crypto market.

And what role do you think AI will play in the future of crypto?

Artificial intelligence is, first of all, autonomous systems that help us improve our life, its quality, so that we become happier and freer.

Cryptocurrencies enable financial freedom, they give the speed of movement of your money and the transformation of your money into new instruments.

Therefore, AI and cryptocurrencies are a very promising hybrid for the development of the future economy on the scale of each person and the level of states.

Offline utility payments, settlement automation, offline trading strategies are just a couple of clear examples that are already working now and will have a lot of development in the future.

In my opinion, AI together with crypto will lead to more than one leap in the technological revolutions of the future.

Lastly, Any Exciting News Or Developments That You Would Like To Share About Biconomy?

We are continuously enhancing our services to adapt to the evolving landscape of our exchange. Currently, we are actively enhancing our Futures trading product and are in the process of introducing new derivative products, demonstrating our heightened focus in this domain.

We want crypto investors from all over the world to be able to freely invest and increase their investments reliably.

To do this, we just have a line of products with low risks – these are Earn products. And more high-risk instruments like Futures and Margin trading.

And of course, as a dynamic and rapidly growing exchange, we are constantly making listing new promising and interesting coins on our platform. Any such listing is accompanied by various promotional activities, where users can receive very high rewards for participation.

So there are a lot of new and interesting things ahead, stay with us!

Welcome to trade on the Biconomy.com Exchange!

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