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Streamline Your Hybrid Work Model With Deskbird

Roberto Popolizio
Website Planet had the pleasure to interview Ivan Cossu, Cofounder & CEO of Deskbird, a shared desk app for hybrid workplaces trusted by names like KFC, Amnesty International and Shell.

We discussed the company’s early days, its growth over the years, and the ways he is marketing his app. We also had time to get his insights on the top trend in the whole internet right now: artificial intelligence.

Please, Introduce Deskbird To Our Audience. What products and services do you offer?

At deskbird, we aim to empower better workspaces for the modern, hybrid workforce. Our workplace management software streamlines the coordination of remote and office days. It allows employees to book desks and resources efficiently. Meanwhile, managers can gain valuable insights into office usage and optimize occupancy.

What’s Your Mission?

Our mission is to help businesses make the most of their hybrid work model. We’ve researched the field, collected and analyzed data, and discovered that when office days are well-coordinated, such as with deskbird, productivity increases by 20%. This extraordinary result reinforced our belief: hybrid work is the best way to navigate the new world of work.

What Sparked The Idea, And How Has It Evolved So Far?

In 2020, as the pandemic hit, my co-founder Jonas Hess and I closely observed the changes in the workplace. That’s how deskbird was born because we knew this transformation would bring opportunities our way. As a company, we have grown quickly and have over 500 customers in 20 countries.

What Are The Problems That Your Platform Helps Solve?

Our goal is to help our customers take advantage of their hybrid work model to the fullest extent possible. We are there for all their office needs: from scheduling work days to organizing desks, meeting rooms, and bookings of other resources. deskbird provides data-driven insights that can help reduce office costs (such as energy and cleaning) and make better office space decisions.

What Makes You Stand Out From The Competition?

As a company, we focus on building our software based on user needs. While many businesses concentrate on buildings, our main guiding principles have always been usability and intuitiveness. As a result of our efforts, we have created a powerful tool that is now achieving one of the highest adoption rates in the industry.

Can You Share Any Recent Success Story From Brands Using Deskbird?

Brands using deskbird have had some great success stories. For example, one of Germany’s leading education providers utilizes deskbird in their more than 30 office locations. They found out that desk booking with deskbird takes an average of 20 seconds a day, which leads to savings of up to 20 hours of working time per employee per year!

What Tools And Channels Are You Using To Promote Deskbird?

Since we are a SaaS provider, we heavily rely on digital marketing channels such as social media and review platforms to drive traffic to our site. As we strive to provide high-quality content to our audience, events also play an increasingly important role in what we do.

How Do You Think AI Will Impact The Future Of Your Industry, And Do You Plan To Use It?

AI is here and it’s changing our future at lightning speed! At our company, we’re embracing its power and experimenting innovatively. The possibilities are endless, from using it to create personalized profile pictures for our dummy users to drafting basic content for our marketers. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine AI predicting the optimal day for you to come into the office or even revolutionizing how we work together. AI can help organizations better manage and support hybrid workforces by providing valuable insights, improving communication, and fostering employee engagement and well-being. And we can’t wait to keep testing it!

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