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Online Marketing For Real Estate: Expert Tips by Richard Mews

Roberto Popolizio
Real estate has always been a lucrative niche, so rest assured that there’s no shortage of website templates for investors and real estate agents, but of course there’s much more to that.

Some providers have gone as far as developing customized solutions that already include a landing page builder, marketing integrations, and even a customer care platform.

One of these is Carrot, so we have asked Richard Mews, a UK-based real estate investor, landlord and developer with decades of experience, how Carrot helped him build Sell With Richard and sell over £13m of investment properties in the last 10 years.

Please Describe The Story Behind The Property Result Investments: What Sparked The Idea, And How Has It Evolved So Far?

My motivation for going into real estate was straightforward. I wanted to make sure that buyers were appropriately treated and were informed about the process along the way while assisting them in achieving the goal of homeownership. As a result, I started supporting and helping people overcome challenges so they might become homeowners.

The journey so far has been gratifying; I feel incredibly gratified in my role as a trusted advisor, knowing that I made the process of buying, selling, or investing in real estate more accessible for them. However, the most valuable aspect of my profession is the lifetime friendships I develop. I find fulfillment in working with new investors and purchasers to teach them the process and empower them to make wise choices.

You Started Your Career Long Before Online Marketing Was Even A Thing. Would You Say That Real Estate Investors Need A Website Nowadays?

Yes! It’s a brilliant marketing move for real estate investors to have a website, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Since your website is an asset rather than just another distraction, it enables you to work more effectively and develop a long-term plan that will produce benefits for many years. I would advise real estate investors to spend time on their websites so that prospective clients can find them online.

You Used Carrot To Build Your Website And Marketing Funnel. What Advantages Have You Experienced Going This Way? And What You Wish Was Better?

The wealth of knowledge and selection of options offered by Carrot when building a website impressed me. A new site you establish already has a ton of pre-written material, which not only makes your job more accessible but also adds a lot of SEO to your website, making it simpler for search engines to index your site and start giving you organic visitors.

The only significant drawback I found with Carrot was that setting up a site wasn’t quite as simple as I had anticipated. I believe this is partly because their system provides a wide range of customization options, and all of these extra features give you more information to sort through, making it ultimately a little more challenging to focus on the particular aspects you want to add and remove, or change.

What Were The Biggest Impacts And Challenges You Have Had To Face During The Pandemic?

Although the real estate market has always been high-touch, the pandemic undoubtedly changed the landscape. Fewer sellers were willing to list their properties or let strangers into their homes during a pandemic due to health concerns and orders to stay home.

Health regulations prohibited open houses and property showings. But because buying a home is such a significant investment, potential buyers naturally want to visit it before deciding if it’s the appropriate place for them. We were therefore faced with a problem: It was impossible to sell homes to individuals who could not leave their homes in the first place.

Can You Share Your Best Tip For Those Creating Their Real Estate Website Now?

In the real estate industry, a discerning potential client might choose you over others based on a positive review or a well-known network connection. Indeed, references play a crucial role in helping you distinguish yourself in real estate markets.

On your website’s homepage, showcase a few outstanding testimonials and customer reviews. Pick a few catchy anecdotes and a few remarks that emphasize your unique strengths as an agent. Request video testimonials from a few of your customers, ideally from the house you assisted them in acquiring.

Include a list of your significant affiliations, particularly if you have critical local partners. Your credibility will increase if you affiliate with well-known businesses and brands, and your partners will enjoy it if you include them on your real estate website.

And What Online Marketing Channels Would You Advise To Stick To?

  1. Your website
Most real estate firms and developers do not see their websites as a marketing channel. If you use the website as the powerful marketing tool that it is, it can bring you a lot of advantages. Only one digital space belongs to you, and that’s your website. If you set up a site that also is search engine friendly and populate it with worthwhile material and frequently asked questions by nearby property buyers, your ratings will increase. You’ll see more qualified traffic, which indicates that more qualified leads are becoming prospects.

  1. Email Marketing
You can start sending targeted emails to qualified leads as soon as you have their email addresses to keep in touch with them. If you’re a real estate developer, keep them informed of any new developments with your project. If you work with a real estate company, notify potential clients of freshly listed homes that match their search criteria or that you believe they might find interesting.

Lastly, How Do You Envision The Future Of Your Industry?

I anticipate a significant increase in efficiency in the real estate industry shortly. Buying and selling homes is still the same as it was decades ago because individual agents still manage small enterprises and lack the potential return to warrant substantial investments to boost efficiency and profitability. Shortly, companies will begin to manage the process instead of agents, and we are already noticing that change.

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