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MyDataModels:  The Augmented Data Analytics Platform For Every Professional

MyDataModels: The Augmented Data Analytics Platform For Every Professional

Chené Murphy
MyDataModels offers TADA – An Automated Machine Learning software that builds predictive models.  Powerful and easy to use, TADA helps every professional to deeply analyze their data and make more informed decisions without the requirement of coding or machine learning skills.  We heard from Mathieu Zamanian, CEO about their evolution as a company and the benefits of adopting AI in organizations.

Would you please give us a bit of background to MyDataModels and the solutions you provide to customers?

MyDataModels stems from unique research work based on genetic algorithms. We have grown the company to a team of thirty today, starting from there. Our outstanding team of data scientists has worked five years to build unique AI algorithms. We provide our predictive algorithms as an easy-to-use SaaS solution for the corporate world; it is our TADA pro solution.  In addition, we have recently designed a dedicated tool for digital marketing, TADA Digital Marketing.

What makes MyDataModels unique?

The unique selling point of our solutions is that our AI algorithms learn from small amounts of data, i.e., a few hundred records when our competitors need millions of records. Our algorithms are incredibly powerful.

Have you found that companies are reluctant to adopt AI, and what do you think the reasoning for this would be?

Companies are indeed reluctant to adopt AI. It is an industry-wide observation of the reality of this market. Many companies are running AI trials. But 80% of AI projects never make it into production. The main caveat is the vast amount of clean and consistent data required for traditional AI algorithms to work (a.k.a., Big Data). A given data set is the foundation for an AI project, and, as the world changes, this same data set becomes outdated together with the AI model built by learning from it. Hence, it does not go into production.

How does MyDataModels handle these challenges?

We use small amounts of data to generate our models. So, as soon as the world changes and the data evolves, we can quickly and easily regenerate a well-suited model in phase with the new situation. With our solution, going into production is straightforward.  The data science platform marketplace can be complex and overwhelming.

So what advice do you give prospective customers when they’re looking for their data platform of record?

Indeed, it can be very confusing to distinguish friend from foe in the data science marketplace. So our advice would be to go and talk with providers. If they are easy to reach, if they provide you with sensible explanations about what they do, and if they can easily demonstrate their added value on your data without fuss, you’re probably talking to a good data science partner.

Are there any new upcoming developments in the pipeline for MyDataModels that you can share?

Sure, TADA Digital Marketing, our platform dedicated to helping digital marketers make the best use of their Google Analytics data to improve conversions, has just been launched. It generates a lot of enthusiasm among the digital marketing community. We’re going to improve it based on our users’ feedbacks. There are new versions to come.

Lastly, what is your best AI advice to organizations right now?

Take it one step at a time, and don’t be scared of baby steps. First, identify ‘sleeping’ data in your organization that contains the value. Then, use this data with an AI platform you feel comfortable with. Next, understand the value it creates. Finally, evangelize your organization with the results, and only then go for a more significant project.  There is a lot of pedagogy required for an organization to adopt new tools. We can help you with that. So come and talk to us.

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