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Creating content that informs people with BeingOptimist

Creating content that informs people with BeingOptimist

Miguel Amado
Having a website is not a simple task, especially if you are starting it by yourself and having to create content regularly. Preparing each article, thinking about the design and user experience, having to search keywords, answer comments, check the stats, promote it on social media, monetize it…

This week we talked with Sadique Mannan, founder of BeingOptimist, to know more about his tech blog, its line of content and tips on how to create and maintain a website like his.

Please present BeingOptimist to our audience

BeingOptimist is a tech blogging site that primarily focuses on how-to guides, top 10 articles on various topics such as technology, social media, WordPress, Business, essay writing, digital marketing, social media marketing, programming news, and many more.

You have a diverse editorial line inside the tech umbrella. Which topic generates more attention?

The instructive how-to guide tutorials on technology and social media generate more attention from the users. This is the reason we have been focusing more on technology and social media and expanding the topics on technology.

What is your public, age-wise, gender, location…?

Most of our readers are from USA and India whose age ranges between 18 to 60.

What do you see as the main challenges when creating a website these days? Is it monetizing, creating optimized content frequently?

Our main focus is on delivering informative and quality content to our readers. Most of the time while writing quality content we do a load of research.

While researching topics our team has found that, on the internet, most of the information is outdated or not updated frequently.

So to fill the gap we have a team who regularly updates the older content so that readers get the correct and informative information.
You can monetize a site easily but the bigger challenge is creating quality and updated content for your readers on the regular basis.

You have several articles with “top 5”, “top 10” format and also how-to articles. How can you extract the most out of that format without being repetitive and differentiate yourself from similar content online?

We already have a research team, so before publishing any of the articles, our team does loads of research to find out whether the topic on the internet is accurate or not.

If our team finds loopholes, our content writing team without wasting any time starts writing on the topic, and then finally our head of the team approves it and then it gets published on the BeingOptimist blog.

Creating tech content is a challenge per se, since there are many sources out there. Including other subjects that also have lots of competition (like sports, travel), how can you create your brand and stand out?

Yes, you are right. Since it’s a very tough and challenging task, we are trying our best to beat the competitor by publishing quality content on our blog for the readers.

We frequently publish articles and share them on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many more to increase the visibility of our site. Apart from this, we have an SEO team who frequently does SEO to increase brand awareness.

What mistakes do you see in websites in general that you avoid on yours? What tips do you have for other website owners out there?

In general I have found that there are many websites which use spammy outbound links on their blog which are not relevant according to the topic. In addition to this I have found many broken links which are not good for readers.

So I would suggest the owner of the website to regularly check their website or blog to find out the broken and out of the topic links inserted on their website.

At last I would suggest to them that they always do proper keyword research on the topic while publishing articles on the blog.

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