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Improve Your Wording And Writing Style With The Word Counter

Roberto Popolizio
This week, Website Planet‘s PR Roberto Popolizio had the opportunity to speak with Bridget Reed, VP of Content at The Word Counter. We talked about the story of this online platform, what help it offers to content writers, and what are their industry insights and plans for the near future.

Please Present The Word Counter To Our Audience

The Word Counter is a dynamic online tool used for counting words, characters, sentences, paragraphs and pages in real time, along with spelling and grammar checking. We strive to improve writers’ word choice and writing style as well as helping to detect errors and plagiarism.

Additionally, to assist with public speaking, our tool will accurately estimate speaking time to help with prep for class presentations, wedding speeches, or anything of the sort.

Finally, our blog is packed with engaging content including articles about word etymologies and examples about how to properly use commonly misunderstood words and phrases.

What’s Your Story? What Sparked The Idea, And How Has It Evolved So Far?

As a writer, it always helps to have an understanding of the number of words, and characters, I have written. My partner Kevin Miller and I wanted to explore a way that we could develop a free website that would not only improve our own writing, but also help countless other writers across the globe.

We are also logophiles, or lovers of words. There is something about language that can be so fascinating to explore, which is why we thought a blog would be a great supplement to the word counting tool itself.

Once we had a vision for what we wanted to achieve, the next step was to collaborate with a design team to create a user-friendly, visually-appealing website.

What Makes Your Word Counter Stand Out From The Competition?

I have mentioned the importance of our blog. By offering engaging content in addition to a useful service, we have learned that our web visitors are spending more time on our site than our competitors. Additionally, we ensure that we use SEO techniques to optimize our content so that it resonates not only with our audience but also Google as well. What we have been doing seems to be working so far! In just over one year, we were able to increase our monthly traffic from 0 to 600,000.

Can You Give Us An Overview Of How You Have Built Your Website And The Current Tech Stack Implemented?

As is a pretty common tech stack, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) has been ideal for our needs. We feel that LAMP is one of the most effective and widely used ways to deliver web applications. The simplicity, infallibility, and strength of the interface have made it very popular across the world. One feature we like most about LAMP is the ability to effectively handle dynamic pages seamlessly. Finally, you can choose components based on your company’s requirements because LAMP is open-source and non-proprietary.

How Do You Monetize Your Free Online Tool?

We maintain a limited number of paid ads on The Word Counter while prioritizing user experience. Our goal is to guarantee an enjoyable experience for our users when using both our service and reading our blog, without subjecting them to an excessive influx of advertisements.

In Your Opinion, What Trends Are Going To Shape The Future Of The Marketing Industry?

Customer experience will only continue to shape the future of the marketing industry in 2023 and beyond. Businesses need to offer a seamless experience throughout the entire sales funnel. Personalized messaging that offers meaningful answers to users’ questions will really stand out as a marketing tactic.

Additionally, discover ways to listen and respond to your target audience’s concerns. Consider collaborating your sales, digital marketing, and customer service teams’ efforts. Doing so will guarantee answers for any issues your customers may face.

Finally, a continued focus on content is essential. Customers are more than eager to do their own research into products and services they are interested in. Therefore, it is vital that your website has easily-accessible, informative content.

Lastly, Any Exciting News Or Developments That You Would Like To Share About The Word Counter?

I’m a firm believer that, “Whatever got you there will keep you there.” We strive to have the same enthusiasm and passion for offering a great service as we did when we first started out. As we grow and learn more about ourselves and our audience, we take that data and adapt it to our business strategy so that we are being the very best we can be.

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