Sead Fadilpasic

Sead Fadilpasic

Sead is a seasoned journalist with more than 15 years of experience in writing. Before turning to freelancing, Sead was a journalist for Al Jazeera’s web editorial. In his free time, he likes to record music for movies and cinema. He’s an avid technology geek who enjoys breaking gadgets apart, just so he could fix them.

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5 E-Commerce Landing Page Best Practices

It’s a cold hard truth that the vast majority of visitors aren’t always in the “buy mode” from the moment they visit your website. However, they are most certainly willing to buy down the road, which is where your landing page comes into play. In particular, an e-commerce landing page can be that decisive link between (in)formal engagement with your business and the...

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How to Build a Landing Page (2023 Guide + Video)

The landing page is that make-or-break point in the sales funnel: you either start to build trust or waste money and resources. The objective of every landing page is to boost conversion rates and help you achieve your goal(s). While there is a wide range of factors that negate the one-size-fits approach, high-converting landing pages have numerous characteristics in common...

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Why Is My Landing Page Not Converting?

It’s tough when you’ve worked hard to establish the trust of your visitors and have earned their clicks, only to see them navigate away after a subpar landing page experience. This can be frustrating up to a point where you legitimately question your ability to deliver conversions. Landing pages are a tricky business, even if they seem quite simple. While there are many ways...

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What Are the Best Twitter Video Specs?

Video continues to be huge—both for business and consumers—with usage constantly on the rise. Consider this: Tweets featuring videos are six times more likely to be retweeted than those with photos, and three times more than tweets with GIFs. Knowing the best—and necessary—specs when it comes to creating your shared videos can mean the difference between capturing your...

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Should You Really Put CAPTCHA on Your Online Forms?

CAPTCHA is one of those divisive elements for website owners. If you’re in the game for increasing conversions, it’s vital to minimize friction that might prevent visitors from filling out your forms. On the other hand, if you do have a problem with spam, it’s only prudent to use CAPTCHA to keep the bots out and add a layer of protection for sensitive data. It’s a dilemma...

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How to Calculate Your PayPal Fee (2023 EXPLANATION)

The freelancing model has seen a huge expansion in recent years, and rightly so. Organizations both big and small can leverage freelancers with multiple skills for a more affordable price than the cost of a single worker. As a freelancer, being a part of this fairly new economy means dealing with multiple clients and billing them for your work. As the most popular payment...

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