Rebecca is a freelance writer with a background in biology. She writes on a variety of topics from cybersecurity to health and wellness. When she isn’t doing research for a new article, she can be found climbing mountains or exploring new cultures around the world.

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88 Indigenous Businesses You Can Support in the US and Canada

Like the diverse geography across the continent, Indigenous groups in North America form a mosaic of different languages, histories, and cultures. This richness and diversity are shown in the broad scope of goods and services offered by Native-owned businesses. Whether you’re planning an outdoor adventure with your family, searching for a unique gift, or need a web...

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16 Best Free Stock Images Websites for Commercial Use

Choosing the perfect images for your website or blog can be frustrating. But the more options you have, the more likely you are to find an image that meets your needs, and there’s no shortage of free media websites to choose from. However, even free images might not be available for commercial use, and figuring out which are can be confusing. Using images that are free for...

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