Philip Mordi

Philip Mordi

Philip is a content writer and editor with an extensive marketing background, and special interests in digital and traditional media, poetry, and the arts in general. He grew up in Chicago but currently lives on an island in Lagos, Nigeria, exploring culture, white sands, blue waters, and the aroma of night-time street foods.

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5 Best Website Builders for a Construction Company in 2021

All website builders market themselves as being the best, but only a few of them can give you the tools you need to showcase your construction company’s expertise. To create an effective website, you'll probably want a page listing your construction services, and a contact form that makes it easier for potential clients to reach you. You might want to display...

June 04, 2021
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5 Best Website Builders for Insurance Agencies in 2020

Many insurance websites look outdated and uninviting. Since you want a website that will make potential customers feel comfortable right from the start, you need a website builder that not only has the necessary functionality, but also the right templates and customization tools. Not all website builders come with the right features to achieve your goals, such as an easy...

April 27, 2021
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5 Best (Affordable) Website Builders for Life Coaches in 2021

There are countless life coaching websites online, but most look outdated, amateurish, or fail to leave an impression. In order to stand out, you need a website builder that comes with both well-designed templates and powerful marketing tools - so you can attract the perfect clients. SEO tools will help people find you, social media integration can extend your reach, and a...

April 27, 2021
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6 Best (EASY) Website Builders for Teachers & Schools in 2021

Many website builders are marketed as the perfect solution for a school website, but in reality, not all of them can give you a professional-looking website with all the right features. For instance, if you’re a teacher at a school, you might want your own blog or the ability to accept homework assignments online. If you’re a school administrator, a newsletter can help you...

9 Best Truck Logos & How to Easily Design Your Own [2021]

You’re all about strength and prestige. You’re the king of your lane, and you’d like your brand to speak these facts at every turn. A great truck logo can breathe these powerful qualities into your brand, but where do you start? It’s actually a lot easier than you think. You can hire a pro to design your own unique logo for as little as $5! Skip ahead to read how. If you...