Monica J White

Monica J White

Content Writer
Monica is a Content Writer for Website Planet.

She specializes in crafting comprehensive and informative articles about website builders, web hosting, and various other related topics. Monica loves to keep up with the latest online trends; a knowledge that she uses to bring relevant and actionable insights to her readers.

With a decade of freelance writing experience, Monica has worked on numerous high-profile blogs, including Digital Trends, Tom’s Hardware, Springboard, and During this time, she’s written articles covering topics like marketing, eCommerce, SEO, PC software, and web development.

When she’s not busy creating content for Website Planet, Monica enjoys reading about technology and improving her programming skills.

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45+ Stats about Big Tech’s Carbon Footprint

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, the world has increasingly relied on technologies that emit greenhouse gasses. In the 20th century, economies shifted away from mechanical technologies and toward digital technologies that permeate nearly every industry and aspect of life. This large-scale adoption has caused greenhouse gas emissions to...

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