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In terms of customization, Webs is first in the field. The interface can be intimidating because of the huge amount of features, but those features offer great options for your site, like membership pages. Webs is definitely worth a try.



Create a Spectacular Looking Site With Ease

Every business, no matter how small or large, wants a website that really helps to sell it’s services and products. In an age where website design and technology is increasingly getting better and better, it’s hard to keep up with that curve. Especially if you have no idea where to start.

Luckily with Webs the answer to most your problems has already been solved, with a gallery of elegant and stylish templates to choose from, and an easy to use ‘point-to-click’ user interface, it helps even the novice user in creating a jaw-dropping site. Among other things, Webs features a premium tool which allows users to login and create profiles and accounts, which is a relatively rare commodity in the website builders niche. If you need any additional functionality, check out the app store where you can find add-ons to plugin to your site.

Why Choose Webs?

  • Customizable and easy to use
  • App store with hundreds of apps to choose from
  • Membership pages for subscription and online interaction
  • Online Store

Take a closer look at the awesome features Webs has to offer.



Professional Looking Templates That Put You in League With The Best

Template Selection – Webs has hundreds of professionally designed templates for you to choose from, which are categorized into different topics. Some premium themes are only accessible if you take the Enhanced or Pro plans.

Customization – If you’re willing to invest a bit of time and creativity, it should be fairly easy to create a design that works for you.  Styling is easily done. You can upload your own photos, change background colors and web fonts, and add titles and taglines wherever you need them.

Multimedia – Webs offers an impressive imaging platform, in which you can edit your photos right onsite, or link to photos on other sites. For videos, you can create your own video channel, and even search for YouTube videos from within Webs.  These features offer great potential for visitor interaction.Zobacz szablony Webs


webs-featuresSee Why Webs Add-Ons Make it The BestZobacz pełną listę funkcji

Łatwość użycia


Your Website Creation Becomes a Piece of Cake

Starting your webpage on Webs is really simple.
They guide you through the set up with a straightforward tour as soon as you login.

The drag-and-drop builder is quite intuitive.  However, where Webs lost points on this section, is that the sheer amount of features available make designing your page somewhat confusing and overwhelming.
You may miss out on a fantastic feature because you couldn’t bear to go through every option.

Sprawdź, czy Webs to coś dla Ciebie

Pomoc techniczna


Great Support When Your Site Goes Through Bad Times

  •  Email Support
  • Live Chat (With Premium  Packages)
  • Forums
  • Help Articles
  • Video Tutorials
  • Blog Articles
  • Phone Support

Webs’ support is pretty decent, but they mainly got their points off because it took me FOREVER to find where the support page was.  I mean, literally, I could not find that thing. (Go to if you have the same problem!)



A New Website Without Over Wasting Money

Webs’ packages offer some top-notch features which outweigh their competitors by far.

All plans include:

  • Unlimited pages
  • Password protected pages
  • Mobile Friendly designs
  • Basic or advanced statistics

Additionally, the Enhanced and Pro versions also include:

  • Large or unlimited storage
  • Web store items
  • Premium themes
  • Custom emails

The Pro plan seems to give a lot more features than the other two plans and the price is accordingly.

Overall, using Webs Pro plan is a good value for your money.


Jak wypada Webs na tle konkurencji?


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Webs recenzja: Podsumowanie


  • Easy To Use
  • Live Chat
  • Customizable
  • Great Prices
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Apps Store
  • Multimedia Integration & Video Channels
  • Online Store
  • Site Analytics
  • E-mail integration


  • Limited Number Of Free Templates
  • Interface Does Not Support Special Characters
  • Only Two Payment Options Available For E-commerce
  • Interface is only available in English

Webs has done an excellent job at offering affordable packages with a range of great features.  Especially when it comes to creating and maintaining a loyal fan base, Webs has an edge over the other builders out there, and is definitely worth a try!

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