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Make Your Next Project Stand out with TemplateMonster Digital Assets

Make Your Next Project Stand out with TemplateMonster Digital Assets

Marko Velimirović
Website Planet interviewed Victor Gozhyi, COO at TemplateMonster. He told us about the company’s beginnings, how it evolved, and how he sees the marketplace in the future.

Please present TemplateMonster to our audience

We’re a digital products marketplace with all the creative assets you need for creating, promoting, and maintaining online and offline projects.
  • If you’re creating a website, we have thousands of stylish templates.
  • If you need graphic assets, we have myriads of them that cover all niches and styles.
  • If you’re a videographer or podcaster, we’ve got tons of video and audio assets.
Regardless of your niche or what kind of project you’re working on, we’ve got digital assets to get you covered. In addition to the marketplace, our clients can sign up for MonsterONE, which gives them unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of digital products.

Please describe the story behind the company: What sparked the idea, and how has it evolved so far?

TemplateMonster was founded in the early 2000s as a design studio that targeted European and American companies. Our entry into the website templates market was a pure coincidence. We had a designer on our team who was lazy but very talented. He created a personal library of assets, which we call today “design sections”; they helped him optimize design tasks. His library included hero areas, call-to-actions, portfolios, and reviews.

These assets let him design a website twice as fast as anyone else. It was a brilliant idea, so the marketing director asked this guy to create experimental website designs (the so-called templates) that could be marketed to other website developers.

Ultimately, this experiment worked, and we turned a design studio into a website template manufacturing company. Today every web developer, enthusiast, or business owner can find everything they need to build, design, and maintain a website.

For over a dozen years, TemplateMonster operated as a web templates company. A few years ago, we transformed into a full-fledged digital marketplace that accepts works of third-party authors. Now we have an inventory of more than 200K premium assets that cater to the needs of web professionals operating in a wide array of industries.

Today, TemplateMonster is a part of a Holding company that united more than 10 projects, here’re the primary ones:
  • Zemez
  • Crocoblock
  • MotoCMS
  • Weblium
  • MotoPress
  • MonsterONE
  • Novi Builder
  • Web Design Library
  • MonstersPost
  • DesignFloat
  • Certification Center
JetMonsters offers the best solutions to help users achieve their goals. With our products, we strive to positively impact the world.

Even in 2022, our team is still achieving its goals, interacting with others, implementing and working on new ideas and projects. We’ve seen a lot of changes over the past couple of years, not just within our company but worldwide. Quarantine and now the War in Ukraine prevented us from bringing all the holding’s subsidiaries under one roof for a traditional summer party. However, we meet remotely at daily or weekly meetings.

What services do you offer?

In addition to digital assets, website owners or creative professionals can opt for a wide range of website design, development, and maintenance services. Here’s what we do:
  • Installation of website templates and plugins on your CMS-based website.
  • Design services like logo creation and layout modification.
  • Our website development services range from basic setup to heavy editing and content creation.
  • You can use our marketing services to promote your business, finetune Adwords and Facebook campaigns, and perform on-page SEO services.
  • Also, we have subscription-based maintenance packages that relieve the stress most people have when maintaining or keeping their websites healthy.
You check all our services here.

What is the mission of TemplateMonster?

Our mission is to sell feature-rich digital products at affordable and reasonable prices.

What separates you from other similar websites/companies?

Every product we sell is tested manually by a team of reviewers so that we can vouch for it. Other marketplaces either don’t review products or have an automated system. This manual approach allows us to filter ill-developed products and publish only top-performance ones.

More importantly, we have a chat-based customer service where our clients can get instant answers to their product-related questions. They can join the chat room and get a response in a few minutes. Overall, this saves them a lot of time.

On other marketplaces, you’ll have to wait for a response to your support ticket, and this may extend the purchase process to a few days.

Our product range is constantly updated, responding to design and development trends.

Which trends and technologies do you find to be particularly intriguing these days?

The suffix -morphism appears yearly in some new design trends. Long ago, Apple introduced skeuomorphism, last year, it was neumorphism, and now it’s glassmorphism. Currently, it’s a very popular design trend that gives a frosty glass look to some elements of the layout. Everybody uses it, even Apple and Microsoft. Dribbble has tons of designs following this trend; you can check them out.

Another thing is the Headless, API-based CMS that will take the market by storm. With a headless CMS, you can store content in one place and send it to display anywhere, giving you much more flexibility. Headless CMSs are becoming popular because of the growing diversity of platforms that need content, the improved developer experience, and faster load times. Content delivery can be flexible using APIs rather than web page rendering when you use a headless approach to content management.

Using an API-first approach is a great way to understand the value proposition of Headless CMS better.

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