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Are You Talking Aloud? Or Is Talking Allowed? Watch What You Write, to Make Sure it’s Right

Katharine Torgersen Katharine Torgersen

Homophones, they are everywhere.

Words that look the same and/or sound the same can easily be confused. For example, if you invite people over and tell them to bring their palates/palettes, they won’t know whether they should expect to be drinking wine or painting!

And while this can lead to some funny misunderstandings amongst friends, in the business world it can cause problems.

First off, the use of incorrect words or misspellings looks sloppy and can decrease an individual’s confidence in your company. If a business cannot correctly proof their materials, should you really be trusting them with your credit card information?

Homophones—particularly when used incorrectly—can also confuse your audience and make it unclear as to what you are talking about. Do you have patients or do you have patience? The question might sound the same, but the meaning is completely different depending on how it is written.

When it comes to your important documents—such as marketing materials, email blasts, and newsletters, website copy, or company reports—absolutely never rely on spellcheck alone. Remember, it’s not an issue with spelling, it’s an issue with meaning.

Check out the work below by artist Bruce Worden. It serves as a great visual example of these same-sounding words can have entirely different meanings.

image3 16


image2 31


image5 11


image8 2


image1 33


image10 1


image7 4


image6 7


image4 14


throne thrown 850x435


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Sandra Schwab
Well done! Interesting, clear graphics. Very user friendly for ESL students. Good beginner for class on homophones. Good prompt for a writing lesson.
1 Reply
Wayne Maurice Brehaut
Excellent pictographs! You should have "the three bears"--some may also have heard of "Bayer aspirin" or the " Bayer AG" pharmaceutical corporation?
I especially enjoyed the last two examples: aisle- I'll- isle and throne-thrown. Two complete stories in a minimum of words/pictures. Brilliant
3 Reply
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