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Small Business Tips: 5 Ways Entrepreneurs Think Differently

Lucas Turner
A small business needs something special to truly succeed. It needs guidance from a special kind of mind, one that doesn’t just give the customers something that already exists. It needs someone whose mind works a little differently. The good news is you don’t have to be born that way, you can adjust your way of thinking.

This week’s article shows you just how you can adjust your way of thinking, by providing 5 really easy and manageable steps that you can take right now, to help you become a successful entrepreneur, who thinks outside the box.

Successful Entrepreneurs are Optimists

Optimism 300x188

Optimism is a trait often overlooked in favor of words like “pragmatism” and “realism”. The truth is that most businesses will often suffer seemingly insurmountable setbacks that would make pragmatists and realists quit at the drop of the hat.

They do calculations, realize that the risk outweighs the reward, and then they’ll drop everything. An optimist will believe that it can work. The pure pragmatist and the optimist will miss out on what the optimist will have – a chance at a successful business.

Successful Entrepreneurs Are Willing to Break the Rules

Breaking rules 300x200

A successful small business often owes its growth to breaking a key rule that everyone just follows. What other people see as unbreakable, successful business owners sees as merely an opportunity. Keep in note that they do not break rules simply for the sake of it. These people break rules because they see value in breaking it, because they see something greater to be gained.

Successful Entrepreneurs Think They Know Better

This might sound arrogant, but the reason that most entrepreneurs have the gall to propose a product is because they believe that it will either improve a person’s life or it will do something better than an existing product. Otherwise, why would they be willing to commit their time and resources to producing and selling it? If you don’t believe in your product, you’ll have a terrible time trying to get it together enough to sell it.

Successful Entrepreneurs Know How Technology Works

steve jobs 300x169

Most small businesses that attain greatness tend to enhance existing technology rather than introducing entirely new concepts. To enhance existing technology, a small business owner needs a grasp of its functioning. If you don’t consider yourself highly tech-savvy, there’s no hindrance to initiating this process at this very moment.

Get interested. Learn about your phone and how it works. Learn what makes a website tick. There’s so much information out there just waiting for you.

Successful Entrepreneurs Look at the World in Wonder

A successful entrepreneur is driven because of how they see the world. They see everything around them as something that can be improved. They see potential in the things around them. They’re always interested. It is this interest that drives them to improve the world. It is this interest that inspires them to create and offer something that will change people’s lives. It is this wonder that will make them successful.


You don’t have to change who you are to be able to run a small business – but you might have to change the way you think. You might have to become more than you are if you want to succeed. Don’t wait. Change now. Change today.

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