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Passport-Photo.Online: Your Online Passport Photo Booth

Roberto Popolizio
Nowadays anyone can start and scale an online business, regardless of professional background or past entrepreneurial experience, but this doesn’t mean that starting an online business is a walk in the park.

Sure, we have everything ready at click-distance, yet you still have to have the right business idea, choose the perfect web hosting and tech stack for your website, and after this comes the planning of your marketing strategy.

One great way to learn these basics is to look at what successful entrepreneurs have been doing, and in this interview, we are going to do just that.

Rafal Mlodzki, CEO at Passport Photo Online, a fast-growing start-up aspiring to become a game-changer in biometric photography, will give us an insight on the issues they faced, the choices they made to get where they are now, plus a bonus tip on you should keep an eye on in 2022.

Please Present Passport Photo Online To Our Audience

Passport-photo.online is a website that will allow you to quickly, conveniently, simply, and easily take a photo for any official document. On our site, you will quickly take a photo for an ID card, a photo for a passport, an image for a driver’s license, or a residence card (biometric photos). On our site, in addition to a tool that helps you take a professional image for a document, you will also find the current requirements, guidelines, sizes, and valuable tips on how to simply and quickly take individual pictures for documents.

How did you make your service stand out from the competition?

What sets us apart is our focus on the customer. By using our service, you can be assured that you are in the right hands and will get the perfect photo for your document. We are constantly improving our reaction time and help desk department even though we already have a great performance record. Many of our customers praise our fast response time and helpful staff.

What Difficulties Did You Face When Starting Your Online Business?

A sizable challenge was cultural boundaries. From the very beginning of the company’s founding, we planned to operate internationally and reach out to customers from different parts of the world, but I guess we didn’t think it would be so complicated. Despite the similarities, there are really a lot of differences on diverse levels – from needs and expectations to paperwork and standards differing in various countries. We’re still working to respond to each as best we can, but we’ve developed strategies that work well in doing so.

Can You Give Us An Overview Of How You Have Built Your Website, And Why?

User experience was very important to us. We wanted each visitor to our site to be able to know how to navigate it and intuitively find what interests them. A whole staff of experts worked on it, and we did a lot of research to pick out any mistakes and bring it to the best functioning state.

The second aspect we thought about during its creation was SEO, and more specifically, to make it well optimized for search engines and display high-ranking. Hence, set up a blog and post valuable content on it.

What Marketing Channels Have Worked Best For Your Business?

In terms of SEO, we actively create valuable content for our blog and employ outreach campaigns to connect with important high-ranking websites. Additionally, we favor utilizing LinkedIn as a channel to establish our brand identity and engage with fresh audiences.

Can You Give Some Tps From Your Personal Experience To Start An Online Business The Right Way?

The most important thing is to carefully define your audience and tailor your marketing content to their needs. No matter how good your ads and product seem to you, if you notify the wrong person about it, nothing will come of it.

What Trend Or Technologies Should Marketers Keep An Eye On For The Next Few Years?

We should definitely focus on short video content this year. Why?

We see the online space changing. Giants like Facebook and TikTok are clearly imposing patterns according to which we are to create ads. Video content is not only becoming the cheapest solution but also one of the most cost-effective. We also need to be mindful of changes in the needs of our consumers. The attention span of the young audience is significantly shortened due to the ubiquity of stimuli and technology. To capture their attention, we need to adapt to it.

It’s definitely the leading trend for 2022 in marketing. In 2021 we saw a boom in this form, and this trend will likely continue into 2022. The increasing popularity of TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels indicate problems with an attention span to which Big Tech and marketers must respond. Whether we like it or not, video content condensation is necessary to attract customers in 2022

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