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Find Your Perfect VPN with vpnBlade

Roberto Popolizio
Roberto Popolizio, our PR at Website Planet, sat down with Evita Lopez, Head of Advertising Department at vpnBlade, to discuss the company’s origins, its evolution, and how it differs from similar VPN reviewers in helping readers find the best VPN to bypass geo-restrictions. In the end we will have a look at the current trends and possible future outcomes for the entire VPN industry.

Please Present VPNBlade To Our Audience. What’s Your Story, and How Do You Make Your Reviews Stand Out From The Competition?

​The world is getting smart day by day at the current period of time. Data files are one of the major assets for most companies and countries. With the new ways of data breach, now it is getting important for everyone to use a VPN service to save their identities.

Using a VPN service is not a hectic task but selecting the best among all scammers and frauds can be. So this is why we asked our VPN experts to write true and best reviews on top VPN services to help users with the best options to choose from.

This is our primary website that has aim to be a one-stop solution for all VPN users. Now, we have reached the first phase of our target by ranking on different search engines with some famous queries.

What Is The Mission Of VPNBlade?

The mission of our VPNBLade team is to provide our visitors with the best VPN services without any biases and fraud. We always try to give our true opinions to users so they can have the best VPN services for their purposes.

What Are Your Typical Readers’ Pain Points Related to VPNs?

Although, there are a variety of readers that visit our site on a daily basis. However, most of them look for a VPN mainly for 2 reasons, either they want to visit a restricted website or they want security.

To help them with this, we test each and every VPN manually at our own to provide visitors with the best VPN according to their needs.

What Is The Tech Stack Currently Implemented On Your Website, And Why Did You Choose Each Product?

Well, our website VPNBlade is built using WordPress CMS. We opted for WordPress as it is SEO-friendly, quite scalable, and open source. Many giants including New Times also gives preference to WordPress.

Apart from this, our domain is hosted on a dedicated server to improve overall performance and provide the best surfing experience to our users.

What Strategies And Tools Would You Suggest To Anyone Starting An Online Business Now?

Here are a few things that I would like to suggest if you want to set up a new online business:

Research Market Thoroughly: Before diving into any industry, examine the market properly. One small mistake can take you to major capital losses.

Scale Your Availability: Try to be 24/7 available. If you skip this step then your prospects might skip you.

Focus On Building Brand: Sharing posts daily on social media platforms doesn’t make you a brand. Rather, focus on things for which you should be remembered.

Track The Trends: Specifically, if you are in an eCommerce industry then keep a track of the latest trends. They can be a game changer for you.

What Trends Are Going To Shape The Future Of Your Industry?

When discussing trends, various companies are actively engaging in strategies to improve their online presence, and one such strategy is link buying. Established websites are purchasing links from smaller firms to maintain their top positions on Google.

It also makes our work hard but we are also trying the same things but on a small scale firm. So we are also adapting new trends but with some little changes in them to being better overall.

Lastly, Any Exciting News Or Developments That You Would Like To Share About vpnBlade?

On vpnblade.com we are trying to provide content in different languages so every region user can get a content in their own language. It will be beneficial for us and our users as well.

However, it is bit difficult to do but we are getting close to it with our expert tech team at VPNblade.

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