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12 Best FREE Tools to Create Infographics (2024 Comparison)

Esme Mazzeo
With a wide range of free online infographic tools available, there’s no excuse for presenting dull and lifeless information to your customers and stakeholders. Obviously the nature and frequency of each company’s needs will vary, but that’s no problem, as each available tool comes with its own unique features, specialities, and interface.

We did the hard work for you and picked out our favorites, so all you need to do is determine the right one for you.

If you do not want to build your own infographic, you can hire a professional graphic designer on Fiverr to do it for as little as $5. You can also click here to read more about Fiverr.

#1: Google Charts

image1 78

If you need any web-based tool, chances are Google has a free one. Infographics are no exception. Since they are interactive and HTML-based, using Google Charts involves a lot of copying and pasting HTML code into a .html file and then opening it in a browser.

If you are comfortable with HTML, Google Charts offers around two dozen infographic types to choose from, including the basics like pie charts and timelines, and more unique options like a candlestick or bubble chart. The guides are easy to read and follow, and copying the codes can be done in a click. You can customize the colors to your website and data is updated in real time. Best of all, the service is completely free.

#2: Infogram

image4 36

If HTML isn’t your thing, there are still plenty of options to help you make infographics. Infogram provides free infographic templates that help you display information:
  • In a report scheme
  • As a process
  • As statistical information
  • As a timeline
  • As a map
You can also create single line, bar, radial, column, or pie charts, or use a “facts & figures” template.

Above is an example of an infographic report template. You just click on an element to edit it and a spreadsheet pops up so you can easily input information.

Infogram also offers other layouts that may be useful for presenting information. There are basic monthly and annual report templates. You can even use Infogram to help you design social media posts for every social media platform, including an email header, YouTube thumbnail, or LinkedIn post.

Upgrading your plan gives you access to premium infographic layouts like a photo story or an icon infographic. The premium plan also has a data analysis feature.

#3: Piktohart

image3 52

On Piktochart, you can create dynamic infographics, printables, and even presentations. You can start with a blank template or click the “Inspire Me” button to get complete examples of projects made by other users and work from there.

Upload photos to use or choose from a gallery of images curated by the Piktochart staff. Easily pick a premade color scheme and add maps, video, and charts to presentations. Paid plans feature PDF and HD image exports, and the ability to create custom colors. There’s a unique plan for teams that allows for role assignments and collaborations.

#4: Visme

image5 33

Visme separates their infographics into a number of useful categories, including:
  • Featured
  • Process
  • Timeline
  • Reports
  • Informational
  • Business
  • Sales & marketing
All of the categories make their unique template keyword search feature even more useful. For example, if you are doing a health-related presentation you can easily type in “health,” to narrow down your choices fast. Presentation, document, and printable layouts are also offered along with social and web graphics. Or, you can make your own custom-sized template.

With the free package you can create up to five projects. The paid business plans include some unique features like the ability to record audio, a brand kit, folder organization, a slide library, and more!

#5: Easel.ly

image12 5

Easel.ly is the infographic tool for you if you want something fast and easy to use without too many overwhelming layout options to choose from. The free version offers ten templates from a number of standard business categories (e.g. timeline, process, report) and four chart types.

The number of accessible layouts and charts are rather small, but you do have the ability to add pictograms, charts, objects, and even YouTube videos to your infographic in the editor. A limited number of images are available in the media library.

A paid account will get you access to a greater number of templates (320+), as well as options in more creative categories (e.g. food, science, real estate). You’ll also be able to “work privately,” as a free account means that your infographics can be viewed by other Easel.ly users.

#6: Canva

image9 12

Canva is one of the most popular infographic services out there, and for good reason. They boast over 50,000 layouts to choose from, for projects way beyond infographics. While not all of the layouts are free, you can search for anything from a logo to a lesson plan and find at least one free layout to use within that category.

They offer one of the most robust free graphic design services available, including far more than infographics. With so many projects to design, you may think you’ll be overwhelmed. But the Canva Design School offers step-by-step guides to creating any project on their site. They also help you choose everything from colors to fonts.

You can test drive a paid subscription for 30 days, at which point you’ll have access to more than 400,000 photos, the ability to easily resize your projects, and easily share between team members. After the trial period, a paid subscription can either be billed on a monthly or annual basis.

#7: Venngage

image8 12

Like many of the services on this list, Venngage offers more than just infographic design. They have 12 infographic categories to choose from, including everything from geographic, comparison, informational, and “fun data.”

They also have 14 chart categories including: editorial, mixed, word clouds, scatterplots, and Venn diagrams. When you sign up for an account, Venngage asks you questions about your business and design preferences and then recommends layouts for you. They provide a short guided tour in the editor, as well as video tutorials.

Venngage premium plans are similar to their competitors. Features include: team functions, brand identity features, and access to more templates.

#8: BeFunky

image6 22

BeFunky is a photo editor, collage maker, and “designer” with a business section that allows you to create basic infographics, ads, and social graphics for your company.

There is a very small number of templates available for free accounts, and few options when it comes to customization. That said, if you have a designer’s eye but not much practice making infographics, this could be all you need. There are plenty of templates in different sizes, and a number of elements you can use to create your design, but not much base structure in the templates.

BeFunky Plus gives you access to features like more layout options and a selection of graphics.

#9: AniMaker

image7 16

Animaker is the only video infographics maker on our list. While most of our other options help you elevate a plain infographic into something more, Animaker can help you take it to a completely new level.

They have both an infographic and business category, with several themes that overlap. Some of the business-themed videos you can create are:
  • A product explainer
  • A service promotion
  • A sales meeting
  • A sales report
  • A business presentation
  • A product advertisement
  • A company history
Infographics themes include:
  • Social media reports
  • “Story” videos
  • Fact presentations
There are six unique video styles to choose from, which you can mix and match in order to create something truly unique.

Switching to a Business account offers extended video durations (maximum of 30 minutes), an increased allowance for exports (up to 100 per month), and improved video quality. Additionally, you will gain enhanced accessibility to templates, fonts, icons, and music tracks.

#10: Mind the Graph

image11 9

Mind the Graph is the most industry-specific free infographic maker on our list. But if you’re in a scientific, educational, or animal-related industry, it’s the perfect option for you. They offer:
  • Comparison charts
  • Cycle charts
  • Facts & figures charts
  • Flow charts
  • Timelines
  • Maps
  • Process charts
The free version is unfortunately only good for testing the service, but the “Researcher” plan includes:
  • External uploads
  • Private mode for images
  • High resolution exports
If you like the editor layout, you can make Mind the Graph work for you no matter what industry you’re in.

#11: Snappa

image10 10

Snappa is a well-rounded choice for any small business owner’s graphic design needs, be it an infographic, social media post, or ad. The free version gives you access to all templates and images that the service offers, a rarity among its competitors.

You can also connect up to two social accounts with a free plan. Infographic layouts are not named, so it’s hard to pin down what layouts meet your specific needs quickly, but the category offers 50+ ways to display information in layouts, such as:
  • A flow chart
  • A comparison chart
  • Labeled diagrams
  • Facts & figures
  • Decorated checklists
This is one of the best services for a start-up business owner to use. A paid subscription will give more team members access to your account, plus unlimited downloads, and the ability to save designs and folders.

#12: PicMonkey

image2 57

PicMonkey’s “free” option is just a week-long trial. That being said, if you like what you see, it can be a great option for anyone wanting to learn a bit of graphic design. They’re known for their tutorials and for being an image editor, but they also have a section of infographic templates as well.

There are “Basic” and “Pro” paid subscriptions. The features are the same in each, but the Pro plan provides unlimited storage on the site and the ability to organize your work into different collections.

Design Your Future

Before you decide on a service, try to anticipate your company’s graphic design needs. Don’t choose a service only to realize later that it doesn’t quite fit. Many of the services above offer more than just infographic design, so take advantage of things like social media imagery and ad development. Especially for a startup, smart spending is one of the keys to early success.

Infographic Tool With the Free Version You Get: With the Paid Version You Get: The Free Version Is Best For… It’s Time to Upgrade When…
#1: Google Charts 20+ chart varieties

Pre-built HTML code
Someone who knows HTML
#2: Infogram Single charts & infographic report layouts

Social media post layouts
Data analytics features

Premium report layouts
Someone who needs a basic infographic report & social media templates You need data analytics
#3: Piktochart 600+ templates for infographics, presentations, and printables

100MB storage for images
1G image storage

HD/PDF exports

Watermark removal

Team collaboration features
A small business owner new to infographics You’ve built a team that needs to collaborate on design
#4: Visme Variety of templates in key business categories

Social and web graphics

Up to five projects
Extra media storage

500,000+ photos and 10,000+ vectors for editorial/commercial use

Unlimited projects (business plans)
A small business owner with less than five infographic projects per year You and your team need to collaborate on many dynamic infographic projects regularly
#5: Easel.ly Limited number of infographic layouts and charts

Limited media library
Private storage of infographics

320+ layouts
Someone who needs a simple infographic fast You know you like the service and need an affordable infographic tool
#6: Canva Extensive tutorials

Wide variety of free project layouts
Team functions

Upload/save brand-specific elements
Someone who is interested in learning graphic design to create projects for their business You need team functions, more storage, and richer layouts
#7: Venngage Save five infographics

Access five layouts
Add multiple pages to infographics

Custom templates
A small business owner with very few infographic needs You know you like the service and need infographics branded for your business/HQ files
#8: BeFunky Photo editor and collage maker with an infographic designer

Basic layouts and elements to add to designs
More layouts

Advanced designing and editing tools
Someone with photo editing needs in addition to their infographic design needs You need advanced editing tools and more than just basic layouts and graphics
#9: Animaker 2 minute videos

Standard quality video
100 exports per month (business plan)

Commercial video rights
Someone who wants to make short, simple infographics You need commercial rights to longer video presentations
#10: Mind the Graph A blank template

Upload 1 image
Start from templates

Create presentations
When you just need a quick slide You’re in a data-heavy business and want specialized layout options to present information
#11: Snappa Five downloads a month

Access to 5,000+ layouts and 600,000+ photos
Team collaboration (team plan)

Upload custom fonts
You’re a start-up owner who needs high quality graphics each month (less than five) You need a team to help you design graphics
#12: PicMonkey One week free trial Access to all tools and features (more storage for Pro plan) You want access to a full service for free You need infographics regularly
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