Pat Garvey

Pat Garvey

Pat is a digital media executive with a unique blend of expertise in brand marketing, digital media technology, and content creation. His wide scope of experience ranges from some of the world’s most preeminent brands (e.g. Disney, Electronic Arts, Mattel, etc.), all the way down to being employee #1 in an e-commerce startup. Pat has “done it all,” and his mission now is to help his clients get it done. In his current consulting practice, Pat serves as a “Brand Storyteller,” focusing on content creation in support of brands looking for authentic engagement and ongoing customer relationships.

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Anix Host

A feature-packed hosting service at a reasonable price which is a good fit for U.S. companies operating domestically


UAE-based AEserver was founded in 2005 as a service to help local businesses register domain names. It has since built an outstanding reputation in the region as a value-priced company that provides excellent hosting on a solid infrastructure.


The all2all hosting service is part of Moving Art Studio, a non-profit group dedicated to the promotion of the arts. The platform is built entirely on open-source software and offers low-cost and “green” hosting solutions.


AeroHosting is a Czech web hosting company that provides a solid and flexible service at a very low cost, though without many of the features you typically see with hosting services