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    Jabran Kundi
    Jabran Kundi
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    The Viviti CMS is a Canada-based online website builder and content management system that can host different types of web pages and site content. As a partner of their program, you can not only offer a feature-rich website builder to your customers but also provide them with their own domain and email ids.

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    The Viviti CMS is a Canada-based online website builder and content management system meant for resellers. When you create your websites with them, you can brand it according to your own requirements with your name, logo and other site features that fit with your brand.

    When you buy the website builder from Viviti, you do not need to separately buy a hosting package, as is the norm with many other vendors. The site builder packages include an all-inclusive web hosting where your site is hosted and maintained for free. Viviti takes care of the technical details of the hosting while you focus on building your brand and online presence. This is ideal for those with little technical knowledge who find it hard to figure out what hosting features they need to run their site. There are no additional costs for hardware or software and updates are automatically performed by Viviti without you having to worry about them.

    The site builder is offered in three different packages named Base, Value, and Premium. All the three packages are available for minimal per month charges. With the Base package you can only host one site while with the Value and Premium packages, you can have 2 and 3 sites respectively. The available storage increases accordingly. You can have unlimited pages on all of your websites as well as add custom domains.

    They also have a solid customer support system that can be easily reached via phone, email and contact form.

    Jabran Kundi
    Jabran Kundi
    Jabran Kundi is a blogger, a web developer, and a passionate writer. He loves to talk about the web.

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