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    Jabran Kundi
    Jabran Kundi
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    Nipaready offers a website builder that is not only modern but also provides a number of interesting features, including a wide variety of templates for your site - all of which are mobile responsive.

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    Nipaready offers a website builder that is not only modern but also provides a number of interesting features. It starts by offering a wide variety of templates for your site but what makes these templates special is that they all feature a responsive design. This means you can build your site for desktops, tablets or mobile phones by switching between the working modes for each type of device. Even if you do not want to cater to each of these devices separately, all you need to do is create one site on your preferred device and it will adjust to whatever device the user is using automatically. This feature is a must-have in today’s world where people have increasingly started to switch from desktops to tablets and smartphones.

    Nipaready does not expect you to have any programming or web knowledge. As long as you have basic computer skills, you can use its website builder. The drag and drop facility during the site building process makes the task as easy as it can possibly be. They also support a multi-language website function enabling you to show your viewers a version of the website that is in their language. This is especially important for those offering services online as users don’t like getting confused because of the language of the site.

    To top it all off, Nipaready offers support for Google Analytics as well as Search Engine optimization for your site. Both of these are instrumental in getting your site to the top of the rankings as well as targeting people in specific regions. With these features, Nipaready almost offers everything you can expect from a good website builder.

    Nipaready offers 4 different subscription plans depending on your needs. With the variety on offer, you can choose exactly the plan that you want. Even the most basic plan has everything you will need to get started with selling your products online. On top of all this, they also offer a few other services related to web design which are worth checking out.

    Jabran Kundi
    Jabran Kundi
    Jabran Kundi is a blogger, a web developer, and a passionate writer. He loves to talk about the web.

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