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Ari Esmond
Ari Esmond
Website Development Expert
Most website builders are web-based, but Mobirise is different. With Mobirise, you download and use an offline app – available for both Windows and Mac – to design and publish your website. While this setup can be nice if you have an unreliable internet connection, it’s not as convenient as working online. All in all, Mobirise isn’t bad for a free website builder, but there are definitely better options out there. Read on to find out more.

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Rainer I.
Intelligent software

The web editor «Mobirise» really deserves to be rated positively! In many years I have created websites with various desktop editors that were not always user-friendly. When I read about Bootstrap a few years ago, a technique that makes websites look good even on small screens, I came across Mobirise. Last week I created a new website using this software. With great success! I quickly achieved what I wanted. It is really child's play and great fun! Of course there are a few limitations. But if you are flexible, there is (almost) always a solution. The homepages created with it look very good on all screens! A great program, made by intelligent people! I particularly like intelligent software!

February 29, 2020
Would not recommend

White screen issues on both computers when publishing. Crashed my Asus Rog, had to restore windows 10 White screen on Windows 8 both min 12gb ramWhite Screen on Mobirise 4 version 4.10.5 as well as 4.11.6Switching to Wordpress Paul Forges Editor Live Music Magazine

December 07, 2019

Bought mobirise with all available blocks for insane prices, just to get an email later being told its now subscription and I lost every single block including the code editor like WHO charges 69$ just to implement code?? You have to pay 39$ just for a single theme and thats fine, but the crazy part is that you can only stick to one theme, no mixing so you will never be happy with a design. Its crazy

November 28, 2019
Just excellent website builder

Mobirise is great when you need a website urgently. This was exactly my case as I'm a designer and needed to complete an order within a few hours. I just placed some blocks, pasted content and published the site quickly. I'm really fortunate to have stumbled upon Mobirise website builder

October 25, 2019
Great Britain
Absolutely perfect

Software works as expected, and those free extensions help. It's straightfoward and easy to use, and add third party plugin developers to the mix, it's absolutely perfect. You can use a free host they provide or your own. The website it made is very smooth, responsive and very sexy. Would recommend you to use this software if you are a beginner but can deal with things like FTP and some editing.

August 13, 2019
Peter Muller
Efficient software

+ easy setup and use + runs on win/os offline + runs on your own server + no frills + free of charge (basic package)- minor bugs in os - saving/backup not very reliable - block selection not very comfortablequite effective software. a bargain finally.rating 4.5/5

August 13, 2019
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Bottom line on MOBIRISE

If all you need is to get a simple, personal website online quickly, Mobirise can get the job done. But if you want a serious website for your business, you’re better off with a professional website builder like Squarespace.

Mobirise is unlike any of the website builders we tested, and not necessarily in a good way. First of all, if you’re a Mac user, beware: If you’re running MacOS Catalina (10.15) or later, you might not be able to install the app. When I tried, I received an Apple notification that the app couldn’t be installed because it couldn’t be scanned for malware.

There are some downsides to Mobirise that you need to know about. First, there are only five free website themes with Mobirise. That’s a tiny number compared to website builders like Squarespace, which offers over a hundred templates. On the plus side, all Mobirise themes are mobile responsive, so they do look good on smartphones and tablets.

Also, while Mobirise uses a drag-and-drop editor and content blocks and it doesn’t require any coding skills, the app is not really beginner-friendly. For example, new pages are not automatically added to your site’s navigation menu; you have to add them manually. If you forget this step, visitors won’t be able to find your new pages. That’s bad for all kinds of reasons, including SEO issues.

Because Mobirise is an offline app, there are additional problems. With a web-based website builder, you can edit your website from any computer, anywhere in the world. With Mobirise, you can only edit your site on the computer where you installed the app. The only way to get around this problem is to copy the projects folder from the application library on your computer, and then manually import it into the Mobirise app on another computer (after you install the app there, too).

If you regularly use multiple computers, you’ll quickly get very frustrated by this process. It really disappointed me to discover that there’s no way of synching versions, either. You have to re-import the project into each computer’s app every time you switch machines. Huge hassle. In 2020, there’s really no reason to be working this way.

Mobirise has several publishing options, including publishing to a [yoursitename] subdomain. However, custom domain hosting isn’t provided, so you’ll need to buy this service separately from a web host. Mobirise’s premium features are simply themes and extensions, not hosting plans. Other website builders offer you a one-stop-shop for all your website needs.

Ultimately, Mobirise isn’t a terrible builder, but unless you prefer to work on your website offline, using an app instead of an online builder isn’t worth the headaches. The web-based Squarespace offers much better features – and hosting, a domain name, and everything else you need are all included in Squarespace’s plans.

Ari Esmond
Ari Esmond
Ari is an experienced copywriter, editor, and digital marketing consultant. A creative at heart, Ari has 14 years’ industry experience and always aims to keep abreast of current trends and developments. He lives in the UK with his three beagles Zeke, Hope, and Sandy, who always make life interesting.

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