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Mobirise Reviews 2024 – Why You Don’t Want to Try

Ari Denial Ari Denial Website Development Expert

Most website builders are web-based, but Mobirise is different. With Mobirise, you download and use an offline app – available for both Windows and Mac – to design and publish your website. While this setup can be nice if you have an unreliable internet connection, it’s not as convenient as working online. All in all, Mobirise isn’t bad for a free website builder, but there are definitely better options out there like Wix. Read on to find out more.


💯Free PlanNo
💲Starting Price$149.00
📄Number of Templates5
🛒E-commerce ToolsNo
Shared Reseller Dedicated Cloud WordPress


If all you need is to get a simple, personal website online quickly, Mobirise can get the job done. But if you want a serious website for your business, you’re better off with a professional website builder like Squarespace.

Mobirise is unlike any of the website builders we tested, and not necessarily in a good way. First of all, if you’re a Mac user, beware: If you’re running MacOS Catalina (10.15) or later, you might not be able to install the app. When I tried, I received an Apple notification that the app couldn’t be installed because it couldn’t be scanned for malware.

There are some downsides to Mobirise that you need to know about. First, there are only five free website themes with Mobirise. That’s a tiny number compared to website builders like Squarespace, which offers over a hundred templates. On the plus side, all Mobirise themes are mobile responsive, so they do look good on smartphones and tablets.

Also, while Mobirise uses a drag-and-drop editor and content blocks and it doesn’t require any coding skills, the app is not really beginner-friendly. For example, new pages are not automatically added to your site’s navigation menu; you have to add them manually. If you forget this step, visitors won’t be able to find your new pages. That’s bad for all kinds of reasons, including SEO issues.

Because Mobirise is an offline app, there are additional problems. With a web-based website builder, you can edit your website from any computer, anywhere in the world. With Mobirise, you can only edit your site on the computer where you installed the app. The only way to get around this problem is to copy the projects folder from the application library on your computer, and then manually import it into the Mobirise app on another computer (after you install the app there, too).

If you regularly use multiple computers, you’ll quickly get very frustrated by this process. It really disappointed me to discover that there’s no way of synching versions, either. You have to re-import the project into each computer’s app every time you switch machines. Huge hassle. In 2024, there’s really no reason to be working this way.

Mobirise has several publishing options, including publishing to a [yoursitename].mobirise.com subdomain. However, custom domain hosting isn’t provided, so you’ll need to buy this service separately from a web host. Mobirise’s premium features are simply themes and extensions, not hosting plans. Other website builders offer you a one-stop-shop for all your website needs.

Ultimately, Mobirise isn’t a terrible builder, but unless you prefer to work on your website offline, using an app instead of an online builder isn’t worth the headaches. The web-based Squarespace offers much better features – and hosting, a domain name, and everything else you need are all included in Squarespace’s plans.


How does MOBIRISE match up to the competition?

WixCompareOur Score4.9Compare
SquarespaceCompareOur Score4.8Compare
MOBIRISECompareOur Score4.2Compare
SimpleSiteCompareOur Score2.5Compare


Mobirise isn’t necessarily a bad choice, but there are better choices out there that offer greater value with fewer limitations.

You can use Mobirise to create something simple, like a landing page or a one-page website, but don’t expect this builder to satisfy any website need you may have. If you’re thinking of building an online store, for instance, or if you’re in need of email marketing and SEO tools for your website, Squarespace can offer you much more.

When it comes to value for money, Mobirise isn’t the poorest website builder available, but it’s certainly not the top one. The basic site editor is free but only offers a small selection of themes. If you want more, you need to buy each theme separately or sign up for a yearly plan to access all of them.

Mobirise does offer a few advantages: it’s user-friendly for beginners, all its themes are mobile-responsive, and editing and customizing your site is relatively easy. However, many other website builders also provide these features, so these selling points from Mobirise may not be as thrilling. On the other hand, Squarespace provides access to all its themes along with numerous other useful features, even with its most basic plan.

I wouldn’t recommend getting started with Mobirise before you check out the other top website builders that are available. You don’t want to end up having to rebuild your site from scratch.


Does Mobirise have free templates? 

There are only five free Mobirise themes. On the plus side, all Mobirise designs look clean and modern, and they’re mobile-responsive, so they look good on smaller screens by default. Mobirise is a good choice if you’re building a personal website, but if you want something more serious and professional, you’d be better off using a platform like Wix

Is Mobirise good for beginners? 

Despite having a drag-and-drop editor, Mobirise’s interface isn’t very intuitive. For instance, you have to add new pages to your site manually, while most other website builders do this automatically. If you want a more intuitive editing experience, Squarespace might be a better option.

It’s a bit pricey, but you can use our coupons to get the best deals. 

Does Mobirise offer web hosting? 

You can publish your website using a Mobirise subdomain. However, if you want a custom domain, you’ll have to buy it from a third party, as Mobirise doesn’t offer domain hosting. Professional website builders like Squarespace offer hosting, a domain name, and everything else you need to get online. Read our expert Squarespace review for more details. 

How much does Mobirise cost? 

The Mobirise app is free to download and use. However, you may have to pay for the design of your choice, as there are only a handful of free themes available. You’ll also have to pay separately for a custom domain. 

Compared to Mobirise, many other platforms offer a larger selection of free templates, plus hosting services – including those that made our list of the best website builders for 2024
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I am very happy with Mobirise.

Pros + Cheaper than Wix if you want to add a domain (€2.50 vs €11.00 month) + 100% free if you has already an hosting plan and use free themes and features + Offline editing is great for when you net is down -Wix has tones more features than mobirise Personally wix.com was a great value before they increased the cheapest plan from €5 to €11.

Its me, Portugal
April 08, 2024
Im using it 100% free of charge

Using the free theme and free features enables me to create an website and store it in my private storing without paying.

Its me, Portugal
April 08, 2024
Bought and Will NOT Buy Again

I bought Mobirise. I like the platform, but they keep on kicking up popup ads every time you open the application. These ads cannot be closed, unless you launch the ad to visit the relevant page. Their tech support is clueless and couldn't give a wooden nickel.

EJ Hill, South Africa
December 30, 2023

Mobirise Web Builder is an absolute game-changer when it comes to web design. This user-friendly, intuitive, and visually appealing software has revolutionized the way I create websites. With Mobirise, you don't need any coding or design skills to craft stunning, responsive web pages. What I love most about Mobirise is its vast selection of pre-designed blocks and templates. It's a true time-saver, and the results are always impressive. Whether you're building a personal blog, a portfolio, or an e-commerce site, Mobirise has you covered. Plus, the ability to customize and tailor each element to your specific needs is a breeze. The drag-and-drop interface is a dream to work with, and the real-time preview feature ensures you know exactly how your site will look on different devices. The built-in SEO tools are incredibly helpful for optimizing your site's visibility. The icing on the cake is the affordability. Mobirise offers a feature-rich experience without breaking the bank. Overall, Mobirise Web Builder is a top-notch choice for web design, making the process accessible, efficient, and fun. I highly recommend it to beginners and experienced designers alike!

Dom james, Great Britain
October 27, 2023
Good, even free version

I really like this app; it has so many great features that make it easy to customize and use. The interface is very simple and understandable; I think even a child could figure it out. I decided to try the free version before I bought anything and it was more than sufficient for my tasks. With HTML, I was able to add third-party widgets and everything worked great. After seeing how great the free version was, I decided to buy a yearly subscription. The number of templates is just huge, and there are all kinds of convenient extensions that make working with the app even easier. What's more, it seems like something new is released every month, which is included in the subscription - so I'm always kept up to date with all the new features.

Alex, Latvia
February 13, 2023
Easy to use to develop websites, but watch out for how they charge their annual fee

I must say that I do not like the under-handed way that Mobirise forces an annual subscription, considering what the website says and does not say, about the product. Neither the website nor the product say that there will be mentions of Mobirise (attributions) in the web pages a user creates. It does say that you can get automatic updates for $149 per year. That is fair and I have chosen to pay that in the past, but I found that the updates that I did have suited my needs and so I did not pay the annual fee for the last year. I suppose that is where the underhandedness comes in. All of a sudden, the Mobirise mentions sneak in as a banner on the bottom of the page *and hides my own footers* – it does not even go underneath my footers, but on top of my footers!! I contacted Support and they said that I needed to use the Code Editor ($69/year) or use a simple text editor to remove these mentions. If using the purchased Code Editor, one does not even have to edit any code! Simply access the setup and use a switch to Remove Mobirise mentions! So, the intent is not to charge for the Code Editor as a code editor, but to charge to remove the attribution knowing that the very same people who the WYSIWYG product is targeting, would likely not be editing any code! That is misleading at the very least. If they wanted to charge an annual fee, then they should say so up-front – I would respect that. I used to code HTML via text, then using a more useful GUI, but I switched to the WYSIWYG convenience that Mobirise offered and was very pleased with the product all along – until now. Yes, I could revert to hacking out the Mobirise mentions but for now it is easier to pay the $69 and live with the bad taste in my mouth. I also find that the Mobirise home page is frustratingly short on easy access to certain information. An end user should not have to spend a lot of time digging for information and getting a clear understanding of what the service is, especially when it involves money. Mobirise has now dropped from a 5-star product to a 2 because of this.

Grumpy Goat, USA
December 19, 2022
Best software for everyone

Mobirise is one of the best software for web designers and for people with no experience in web designing. Easy to use without any coding knowledge and doesn't require being online, as you can use it offline. I highly recommend to anyone looking to design a simple, clean, and mobile friendly bootstrap html website

Berto, Cameroon
November 24, 2022
Thank you Mobirise for providing us with such a great tool!

I have tried other websites builders, but for many reasons I prefer Mobirise, one of it, is the full control I have other the code, it's a more pure and solid web creation experience, in my opinion, also it has a lot of integrated add-ons like form builder, inbuilt google maps, WhatsApp chat, without extra charge

Jianyinli, Taiwan
November 23, 2022
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