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    Jabran Kundi
    Jabran Kundi
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    Webland is known for their high-quality equipment and Swiss only management of its resources. It offers both Windows and UNIX operating system packages to its customers.

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    Bottom line on Webland

    Webland is Swiss owned and managed. They manage their equipment themselves instead of outsourcing and employ only state-of-the-art hardware for their servers. Most of their hardware comes from well-known manufacturers like IBM and Cisco. Their website is available in English, German. and French languages.


    Features and Ease of Use

    They have partnered with Weebly to offer a website builder that can be bought in five different packages. The basic package is free to use whereas you can use the demo version to check out the features of the paid versions. The website builder packages include their own hosting features so that you don’t have to buy a separate hosting package.

    Thanks to the multi-level anti-spam system, your content and emails are monitored and kept safe from malicious software. You can even use the black and white lists to set up your own rules regarding spam detection.

    The Click&Go installation service allows you to install more than 50 apps seamlessly. Whether you need a blogging software like WordPress or an e-commerce one like osCommerce, all you need to do is follow a simple procedure with a few clicks and you are good to go.

    With the help of the SmartAnalytics, you can analyze the performance of your website using campaigns and reports. Such analysis is vital in ensuring your website is being viewed by the desired target audience and can do wonders in the long run if used effectively.

    Some other features worth mentioning are

    • Free SSL Certificates
    • DDoS protection
    • SmartSync to sync all devices
    • Hosted Xchange for multiple team members


    Pricing and Support

    You have three different packages to choose from at Webland. They are Starter, Basic and Premium. Both the Windows and UNIX operating systems are offered in all the packages. They only offer 25GB, 50GB and 100GB storage in the respective packages which should be adequate for most users. The amount of databases, FTP accounts, and virtual directories is also adequate, not to mention the unlimited emails available in all the packages.

    While their packages seem to be on the expensive side, the quality of their service cannot be doubted. The 30-day trial is the perfect way to test their service.

    You can either talk to them using the hotline number during working hours or send them an email. They do not have a live chat and I could not find any ticket support system either. However, they do promise a rapid response to any inquiry.



    At first sight, the packages at Webland might seem slightly expensive. However, their high-quality service and website builder make it worth the money. The lack of live chat support might worry some but it shouldn’t be the reason not to opt for this hosting services provider.


    • Weebly website builder
    • High quality hardware
    • Free SSL certificates
    • Spam protection


    • No live chat
    • No ticket support system
    Jabran Kundi
    Jabran Kundi
    Jabran Kundi is a blogger, a web developer, and a passionate writer. He loves to talk about the web.

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