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Gwen Rodgers
Gwen Rodgers
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RapidCompute is a Pakistan-based business providing enterprise-level hosting. It’s ISO certified and has an excellent uptime SLA, but is only suitable for large businesses and enterprises.


RapidCompute-overview1Founded in 2012, RapidCompute is apparently the first enterprise-level public cloud provider in Pakistan. It owns three data centers, is ISO certified, and is a division of CyberNet, a leading Internet and Data Communication Network Service Provider in Pakistan. The website is available in English.

Features and Ease of Use

RapidCompute sells cloud solutions for enterprise customers. The plans come as standard with these following features:

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Backup and recovery plans
  • Multiple Pakistan-based data centers
  • 10 Gigabit SDN Switching
  • Pay as you go: only pay for what you consume

RapidCompute has three data centers in separate regions in Pakistan, with the latest PODs located in Lahore and Karachi. The processors used are robust Intel Xeon and 10Gbps networking for performance and reliability. Apparently, RapidCompute is the only ISO 27001:2013 certified Cloud Service Provider in Pakistan.

RapidCompute has one of the best uptime SLAs I have found. It’s detailed and its terms and conditions clearly state that if you have less than 99.9% uptime (more than 43 minutes of downtime per month), you will get compensation.

There is a range of enterprise-level services including managed email, disaster recovery plans, storage, applications, and cloud services. You can configure your own private cloud or create a desktop virtualization environment.

The private clouds are scalable and managed via self-service, however, unlike public clouds, the environment is dedicated to your company. Alternatively, you can choose a Hybrid cloud for companies who need proximity of data.

Pricing and Support

RapidCompute offers a pay as you go pricing model. You pay per hour for the resources you’ve used. You won’t be tied into a lengthy contract nor be upsold add-ons you don’t use or need.

When you purchase a plan with RapidCompute, you can configure your plan to meet the needs of your business, your wallet, and your technical requirements. For instance, specify the amount of CPU in core GHz, memory in GB, disk space in GB, and your data transfer requirement in GB, static IPs, VLAN’s, and so on.


You can contact RapidCompute by phone, email, or online contact form 24/7. There’s a page of FAQs but this doesn’t include any help documents in the event you experience technical issues.

I contacted the team mid-afternoon on a weekday in Pakistan. Unfortunately, I did not receive a reply, even though I waited for several business days.



Cloud Hosting

Plan NameBandwidthCPURAMPriceWindows RC-2G5 Mbps12 GB$116.14More DetailsWindows RC-4G5 Mbps24 GB$210.28More DetailsWindows 4G-HiMem5 Mbps28 GB$258.28More DetailsWindows RC-6G5 Mbps36 GB$302.42More DetailsWindows RC-8G5 Mbps48 GB$398.56More DetailsWindows RC-8G-HiMem5 Mbps416 GB$478.56More DetailsWindows RC-10G5 Mbps510 GB$490.7More DetailsWindows RC-12G10 Mbps612 GB$584.84More DetailsWindows RC-12G-HiMem10 Mbps624 GB$681More DetailsWindows RC-16G10 Mbps816 GB$775.12More DetailsWindows RC-16G-HiMem10 Mbps832 GB$903.12More DetailsWindows RC-20G10 Mbps1020 GB$963.4More DetailsWindows RC-8C-48G10 Mbps848 GB$1095More DetailsWindows RC-24G15 Mbps1224 GB$1169.68More DetailsWindows RC-24C-96G15 Mbps2496 GB$2550More DetailsWindows RC-30C-128G15 Mbps30128 GB$3260More DetailsWindows RC-32G15 Mbps1632 GB$1450More DetailsWindows RC-32G-Himem15 Mbps1664 GB$1800More DetailsLinux RC-512M5 Mbps1512RAM$28.54More DetailsLinux RC-1G5 Mbps11 GB$47.07More DetailsLinux RC-2G5 Mbps12 GB$96.14More DetailsLinux RC-4G5 Mbps24 GB$170.28More DetailsLinux RC-4G-HiMem5 Mbps28 GB$218.28More DetailsLinux RC-6G5 Mbps36 GB$242.42More DetailsLinux RC-8G5 Mbps48 GB$318.56More DetailsLinux RC-8G-HiMem5 Mbps416 GB$398.56More DetailsLinux RC-10G5 Mbps510 GB$390.7More DetailsLinux RC-12G10 Mbps612 GB$464.84More DetailsLinux RC-12G-HiMem10 Mbps624 GB$560.84More DetailsLinux RC-14G 10 Mbps714 GB$538.98More DetailsLinux RC-16G10 Mbps816 GB$615.12More DetailsLinux RC-16G-HiMem10 Mbps832 GB$743.12More DetailsLinux RC-20G10 Mbps1020 GB$763.4More DetailsLinux RC-8C-64G10 Mbps864 GB$1170More DetailsLinux RC-16C-64GB10 Mbps1664 GB$1487More DetailsLinux RC-64G15 Mbps3264 GB$2460.48More Details
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Bottom line on RapidCompute

Rapid Compute provides a self-service portal, so you are able to view logs and usage or monitor files, as well as 24/7 customer support. This company is not suitable for beginners, however, if you’re looking for a premium enterprise-level host with Pakistan-based servers, I’d consider checking them out.


  • Plans are pay-as-you-go
  • 24/7 customer service is available
  • 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement
  • Self-service portal for customer use


  • Customer service did not reply
  • Not suitable for beginners or small businesses

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