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Solomon Ndung'u
Solomon Ndung'u
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LoopByte is an India-based company that has been in the web hosting industry for the past 9 years and counting. It prides itself on providing fast, secure, and reliable hosting services powered by Grid hosting platforms.



LoopByte boasts of providing fast and reliable web hosting services to thousands of clients worldwide. Currently, it has hosted over 20,000 websites since its inceptions over 9 years ago. Today, the vendor is listed in the top 30 largest web hosting companies in India with a market share of 0.26%.

LoopByte is based in India and its hosting solutions range from web hosting to VPS, dedicated servers, cloud servers, reseller hosting, and domain name registration services.

Features and Ease of Use

LoopByte web hosting solutions include the following standard features:

  • MySQL 5.6 databases
  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • Dedicated IP address
  • SSL certificates
  • Secure FTP accounts
  • Grid platforms
  • Free website migration
  • OS platforms; Windows and Linux

LoopByte boasts of using premium hosting servers, including cloud servers, virtual servers, and dedicated servers with the latest technology, hosted in safe locations in Mumbai, India. Also, the vendor hosts high-performance bare-metal dedicated servers suitable to meet the needs of performance-oriented websites and applications. 

LoopByte hosting services are quite special. All its hosting solutions are created on Grid platforms, which outperforms the traditional shared and cloud hosting platforms. The Grid platform coupled with LiteSpeed web servers are built with enterprise-grade website security, dedicated resources, fast SSD storage, and data replication, and you can never go wrong with such platforms; customers can rest be assured of super-fast, secure, and highly available website services.

Its hosting infrastructure also incorporates the use of hacking protection mechanisms with real-time malware scanning and the industry-leading LoopSecure web application firewall. This proactively protects its customer’s websites and applications against threats such as multiple hacking attempts, code injection, Trojan, backdoor, spam, shell, and cookie hijacking, among others, thus guaranteed safety of its client’s data.

LoopByte’s Grid platforms also come with an in-built backup system, which takes multiple backups of its customers’ data every day. In addition, customers can easily restore their website’s data at any given time from the available restore points depending on the type of server clients want to restore. 

Pricing and Support

With such a list of premium hosting features in each hosting plan, LoopByte has some of the most considerate prices around. However, while some plans come with monthly billing cycles, others are offered only on long-term contacts of 1 year and above. Prices are listed in Indian rupees.

With LoopByte’s Grid-based hosting plans, customers get a single trial of up to one month for free. All the same, the hosting packages do not include a refund. While the hosting company boasts of highly available hosting systems, it does not seem to commit to an uptime guarantee


LoopByte’s customer support desk is available telephone, contact form or ticketing system. Its technical support team is quite reliable and is available round the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Unfortunately, the hosting vendor does not seem to have email or live chat support.

Although LoopByte does not have a knowledge base, there is a blog section available on its website with helpful “how-to” articles.



Bottom line on LoopByte

LoopByte is known and recognized for its superior hosting services that ensure consistency in performance through its Grid hosting platforms that are built for redundancy, reliability, and high availability. Its solutions are a big attraction for all types of customers, from individuals to SMEs and large enterprises with websites that run on complex databases and applications. That said, it does not commit to an uptime guarantee, and this may leave potential customers confused and undecided on how reliable its hosting systems are.


  • Fast, secure, reliable solutions powered by Grid platforms
  • Hosting systems integrated with LoopSecure web application firewall
  • Performs multiple backups every day
  • Solutions with a one-month free trial 


  • Does not commit to an uptime guarantee
  • Does not seem to have email or live chat support

Looking for fast and secure Indian hosting solutions? Visit LoopByte

Solomon Ndung'u
Solomon Ndung'u
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