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Solomon Ndung'u
Solomon Ndung'u
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Established in 2001, ExterNetworks has come across almost all the challenges of Managed IT services. And due to that experience, it prides itself as a highly reliable service provider with solutions that exceed customer’s expectations in the fields of onsite installation services, network design and consulting as well as Managed NOC services.



ExterNetworks is an IT service provider that was established in 2001. It prides itself to have invested in high-end solutions that are characterized by innovation and opportunity, along with a non-negotiable commitment to service. The firm operates in several locations worldwide and it has over 1000 field technicians as well as more than 500 full-time employees.

Among others, it specializes in providing Noc services, Managed IT services, network design and consulting as well as integration and deployment services.

Features and Ease of Use

ExterNetworks is not particularly a web hosting provider with typical web hosting solutions, such as shared web hosting, reseller, and server solutions. Instead, it offers support and NOC services to hosting firms across the globe. Some of the features included in its NOC services are:

  • Back-up and 24/7 network monitoring
  • Dedicated and experienced NOC team
  • Maximized ROI by outsourced NOC services
  • Remediation of user’s IT infrastructure
  • Advanced reporting tools and metrics

ExterNetworks boasts of high-performance services powered by state-of-the-art network and monitoring systems. Besides, to guarantee secure and quality services, the company has partnered with leading brands, including Cisco, Juniper networks as well as outsourcing networking services from big companies like Avaya, Fujitsu, and ShoreTel.

At ExterNetworks uptime network is non-negotiable. To ensure this, the vendor deploys the best techniques in the market, such as the use of a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) system that helps its NOC engineers quickly detect a problem when a threat strikes. 

What’s more, the company has designed these systems in a way that after potential threats are detected, the alerts are escalated automatically to the NOC team for a quick fix. This way, the vendor can maintain a 100% uptime with very rare cases of IT outages.

Pricing and Support

Due to the nature of its services, potential customers interested in getting a plan with ExterNetworks can only send them a message and request for a quote. With that in mind, how much the company charges users will depend on the customer’s demands according to their business requirements.

That said, unlike other NOC service providers, ExterNetworks offers no free trials or any refund policy for its services.

ExterNetworks customer support team is available 24/7 and you can contact them via its dedicated sales telephone numbers for different continents; one telephone support allocated for customers in North America, the other for customers in India or Asia, and lastly for clients in Europe, MiddleEast, and Africa. 


You can also contact them via live chat, ticketing system or through a contact form. All the same, the hosting company does not seem to have email support.

To learn more about ExterNetworks website services, users can download the attached materials available on their websites.

Bottom line on ExterNetworks

With over 15 years of experience and still counting, ExterNetworks’s service offerings are both battle-tested and performance-proven. This comes along with a team of experts and engineers with the unequaled capacity to help the company meet its customer’s expectations. That said, the firm does not offer typical web hosting packages, therefore potential customers should be advertised to look elsewhere.


  • Advanced reporting tools and metrics
  • Apply the use of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence system
  • Support staff available 24/7 via multiple channels
  • Has attached downloading materials on its websites


  • Does not offer typical web hosting solutions
  • Its services are listed with no quote

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Solomon Ndung'u
Solomon Ndung'u
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