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Free Logo Design: Does It Offer Quality Free Logos in 2024?

Alexandros Melidoniotis Alexandros Melidoniotis Graphic Designer

Free Logo Design (FLD) is a decent service with a good editor that allows you to mix and match various assets. It’s a good option if you’re looking to design a serviceable logo for your small business or website without too much effort. That said, there are some features (like lackluster customer support) that hold it back from being a top-tier service, which is why I would recommend having a look at a service like Fiverr Logo Design1 too.


Mediocrity Is Free Logo Design’s Middle Name

free logo design homepage
All you need to get started is a company name

True to its name, Free Logo Design is a DIY logo maker that lets you design a logo for free. You can quickly create a logo for your website, social media account, or school project. The interface is clean, with a surprisingly robust editor. You can even add multiple icons to the same design, leading to interesting – but slightly chaotic – results.

Unfortunately, Free Logo Design doesn’t have a clever AI to guide you through the process and help you create something truly unique. The library has 2,000+ pre-made templates, but the quality can vary significantly. While my logo didn’t look bad, I would guess there are at least a few dozen identical designs out there.

Like most “free” services, Free Logo Design puts some heavy restrictions on what you can actually use without paying, as you’re restricted to downloading a low-resolution version of your design. That said, if you want to test the waters with logo design services, FLD will help you do that. I recommend upgrading if you’re looking for more (and I bet you are).



FLD Ticks Most of the DIY Logo Boxes

FLD won’t blow you away with its set of features, but it offers enough to help you come up with a unique-enough design that works. Its main advantage over the competition is that it allows you to play with its tools (and even download a low-quality version of your logo) without spending a dime. You only pay if you’re happy with the result – and I can’t argue with that.

Decent Icon Library

For a free logo maker, FLD has quite a few icon templates. If you’re good with colors, shapes, and proportions, you can create a decent-looking logo in just a few minutes. But FLD’s good-enough approach isn’t for everyone.

Unlike many competitors (e.g., Wix and Looka), FLD doesn’t have AI, which poses a challenge. Despite the user-friendly editor, it failed to generate a design that effectively combined the themes of “planet” and “website.”

Free logos library
There’s nothing website-y or planet-y about these suggested logos

Fortunately, the editor is flexible1, allowing you to mix and match icons and shapes from different categories. You can resize and move stuff around as you wish, but ensure you align elements properly – careless editing can result in Frankenstein creations. The color and font customization options are pretty advanced, but you can’t add your own gradients.

You only get a low-res PNG with your free download. Paid plans include high-resolution files, vectors*, and other web-ready formats – more on that later.

*Vector files are digital graphics that can be infinitely scaled without losing quality. In short, you’ll probably want your logo supplied as a vector if you’re looking to use it everywhere.

Custom Design

Let’s say one of the Free Logo Design templates catches your eye, but you’re not confident enough in your editing skills. If you don’t have the time to use the Free Logo Design online tools but like what you see, you can pay $299 to have your logo created for you.

As you can probably tell, I don’t think this deal is worth it for most users. But it’s not just about the price. I learned that FLD’s experts are limited to the assets available on the website, which means they can’t use external elements to enhance the creative process.

Pro tip: For a similar price, you could commission several hand-vetted Fiverr professionals to create high-quality custom designs1 from scratch.

Exclusive Logo

No one wants to see their logo replicated by another business – not now, not in the future, not ever. To avoid awkward doppelganger logo situations, Free Logo Design lets users buy exclusive rights to a specific template for $199. Doing so will remove your chosen template from the website forever.

It’s a good option to have, but you should keep in mind that by the time you purchase exclusive rights, other users might already be using that same icon with their logo. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell.

Various Add-Ons

Creating a logo is only the first step. Once you have your design, you must ensure it will be appropriately displayed wherever it appears. FLD’s paid plans include vector files that simplify resizing and physical printing. Other add-ons include:

  • 20 customized templates for business card design
  • 8 templates for your email signature
  • Social-media-ready logo files (including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Etsy, Momenteo, and a favicon)
  • Brand guidelines
  • Black and white and grayscale versions
  • 6 invoice templates

These add-ons are only a couple of dollars each, but you need to remember that FLD’s plans are already pretty expensive on their own – you can read more about that here.

WebSelf Discount

Free Logo Design and WebSelf are both owned by the French-Canadian tech company NovAxis Solutions. All Free Logo Design paid plans include a 30% discount code for annual WebSelf plans1. WebSelf is a decent website builder with easy-to-use tools, so this deal is worth considering if you’re also in the market for a brand-new site.


Ease of use

Easy to Navigate with a Few Hiccups

free logo design editor
The editor itself is surprisingly capable

As with most DIY logo makers, FLD has an intuitive interface that allows users with little-to-no design experience to come up with good-looking designs. The editor is robust, with plenty of customization options1 that won’t overwhelm the average user. If you have more experience with logo designers, you can go beyond simple font and color changes to add multiple layers, work with outlines, and adjust spacing.

That said, I did experience a few freezes here and there, and loading times weren’t as quick as they could be.

My Experience with Free Logo Design

It all starts with your business name – and that’s all you really need to load up FLD’s tool.

With so many DIY logo makers offering AI tools to help better narrow down your choices, I was surprised by FLD’s traditional approach. Instead of asking questions about my business, Free Logo Design listed several industries and left the search to me.

You can search by keywords too, which is what I did. Since there’s no AI, Free Logo Design struggled to combine the themes of “website” and “planet” into one coherent concept. The “website” keyword only came up with three designs, none of which looked particularly interesting. The “planet” keyword gave me about 40 icons to work with but again, most were outdated or simply way too generic to be useful.

Fortunately, the robust editor came to the rescue with its many tools and customization options. The icon library is limited, but you can edit your way to unique and interesting designs with some tinkering. That is if you have the time and energy to mix and match icons, work with layers, and adjust elements.

Once I had created my account, the platform froze a few times when I attempted to return to my saved design.

Here’s the logo I ended up with after playing around with the editor for an hour or so:

Free Logo Design generated Website Planet logo
It won’t win any awards, but it isn’t too bad, either

It’s not terrible, but I don’t think we’re likely to adopt it anytime soon.

Save and Share Your Designs

You don’t need an account to browse FLD’s library and play around with the available icons, but you do need one to save and download your designs. That’s good because it meansyou don’t have to buy your customized logo on the spot.

You can take some time off, share your designs with friends, and consider your options. It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many platforms promote impulsive purchases by omitting accounts and “save” features altogether.

Copy Your Logo and Work on a Different Version

Free Logo Design lets you create duplicates of your design. It’s a neat little feature that can be useful if you’ve ended up with something you like but want to keep experimenting. I like how I can try new things without creating my logo from scratch or risking ruining the version that already looks good.

FAQs Are Available via the Editor

Most DIY logo makers offer comprehensive FAQs. What I like about FLD is that it has made its own FAQ available right from the platform’s editor. Even if you’re in the middle of a design, you can just click on the small FAQ button, and a small window will instantly pop up.

The help button is also always accessible from the bottom-right corner of the screen. You can use keywords to scan the FAQ or leave a message for the Free Logo Design support team.

Aside from English, FLD is also available in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese.



Limited Channels, but Email Support Is Okay

Free Logo Design doesn’t have a knowledge base, and the FAQ isn’t as extensive as it could be. If you try to reach its support team, you’ll be disappointed to learn that FLD only responds to requests via email and ticket.

Phone support isn’t the industry standard for logo makers, but I would’ve liked to see it as an option. The biggest omission is the lack of live chat. Other logo creators, such as Looka, offer live chat support – even if it’s just standard EDT business hours.

Support availability isn’t listed on the website, but after bombarding FLD’s inbox with emails, I learned that their agents generally reply to emails Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EDT.

All the questions I sent during business hours were answered within an hour or two. If you send your request on the weekend or after working hours, you’ll wait much longer to hear back from FLD.

As you’ll soon find out, FLD’s packages and add-ons can get confusing. I sent my first email at around 10 am EDT. My question was:

“If I purchase the Business package, what elements will I be able to change within the 7-day period? If I want to change icons and shapes, I must buy a new logo, right?”

An agent got back to me about an hour later:

Free Logo Design email support
You can change some things, but not everything

As many disgruntled customers have pointed out, Free Logo Design allows you to make only minor edits to your design after purchasing the Business package. It’s not too forthcoming about this, which can cost you quite a bit if you’re not paying close attention.

Although costly, the custom logo design option could help businesses create unique icons more quickly. On the website, FLD says that their in-house designers can only work with what’s available on the platform (i.e., they can’t use elements and assets from external sources). I sent a ticket through the help button that read:

“You say on the website that the custom design ($299) can only contain icons and elements available on the editor. Can’t my designer make use of external assets I provide?”

As it was only about 5 am EDT, it took FLD more than 7 hours to get back to me this time around:

Free Logo Design email support via ticket
They didn’t answer my question

Patrick here didn’t exactly answer my question. My guess is FLD’s in-house designers will work with assets you provide but won’t go out of their way to search for icons and elements outside the platform on their own.

Overall, a lukewarm support experience.



Expensive Packages and Add-Ons

Free Logo Design allows you to download logos for free, but the uses of a 200×200 px PNG file are severely limited. Maybe you can use this low-res logo as an icon on your website and social media profile, but that’s pretty much it.

Unfortunately, FLD’s paid plans are pretty expensive compared to the competition. The Business package1, which includes all the essentials (e.g., high-resolution files, vector files, transparent background), is set at $44.99. Add-ons will cost you extra.

The Premium plan includes most of the available add-ons while also allowing you to make changes to your logo’s font and color. If you also want to be able to make changes to the shapes and icons, you’ll have to go with the Unlimited plan.

Free Logo Design offers a yearly subscription called the “Privilege Pack,” which includes priority support and allows unlimited modification of multiple designs. However, this package might not provide significant value unless you intend to generate a new logo every few weeks or so.

Hiring an in-house designer will set you back $299.00. That’s very expensive – for the same price, you can get 3-4 top-quality logo designs on Fiverr.

With Wix, you can create a logo for half the price, and it costs even less if you also purchase a Wix website plan. Looka also offers basic logo packages for just $20. And if you’re looking for a custom design, you can get yours for just $5 on Fiverr.

The good news is you own all copyright of your logo on all FLD plans (but not the individual elements that comprise it). Exclusive rights to your logo (i.e., removing it from the library once you purchase it) will set you back $199.

Overall, I found FLD’s pricing structure unnecessarily convoluted and built to push you to pay more for add-ons you might not need.


How does Free Logo Design match up to the competition?

1Fiverr Logo DesignCompareOur Score4.9Compare
1LookaCompareOur Score4.8Compare
1Free Logo DesignCompareOur Score3.4Compare
1Get Custom LogoCompareOur Score1.5Compare


Creating a unique logo with FLD can be challenging. The assets library is pretty limited, and there’s no AI to guide you through the process. On the bright side, the editor is quite robust, and you can combine different shapes and icons to come up with something that stands out.

If you’ve used similar services before and are willing to invest some time into it, Free Logo Design could work for you. If you do like the final result, FLD’s one-off fee to own exclusive rights is actually quite reasonable.

That said, a more advanced DIY logo maker with advanced AI capabilities (like Wix or Looka) will likely help you create a unique design with much less effort.


Is Free Logo Design really free?

Yes, but the free logo you can download is restricted to a low-resolution 200×200 pixel PNG file. If you want to unlock higher-quality files and more add-ons (e.g., social-ready files and business cards), you’ll have to opt for one of the paid plans.

Is Free Logo Design copyright free?

Yes, you own the copyright to your final logo design, but not the individual elements that make up the logo. You can purchase exclusive rights to a specific template, but note that other users may have already used it before you acquire those rights.

Is Free Logo Design easy to use?

FLD’s interface is intuitive, and the editor is easy to use. That said, there’s no AI to help you find suitable icons, and the platform’s slow loading times and occasional freezes can complicate things even further.

What’s the best logo maker?

In my opinion, Wix Logo Maker is the best logo maker due to its advanced AI capabilities, extensive library of design elements, and user-friendly interface. It offers a seamless logo creation experience, catering to a wide range of design preferences and user requirements. You can check out more options in our updated list of the best logo design services for 2024.
Alexandros Melidoniotis Alexandros Melidoniotis
A freelance writer and editor with experience in digital marketing, Alex has published over 40 product reviews and comparisons on Website Planet. He has tested email marketing services, freelance websites, social media management tools, and more. Before joining our team, he worked at an Australian agency where he experimented with all things digital marketing. In addition to his work, Alex enjoys cooking and writing about games.
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