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How I created VPNwelt – Interview with Florian Berg

How I created VPNwelt – Interview with Florian Berg

Roberto Popolizio
Successful blogging starts from choosing the right subject, and VPNs are indeed great as more and more people understand their importance, but this also makes the topic super competitive. 

In this interview Florian Berg explains how he managed to break into a tough niche like cybersecurity with his blog, VPNwelt, and how you can do that too.

So if you are blogging about online security, or planning to do it but don’t know where to start, keep reading and you will find some valuable tips.

What motivated you to start VPNwelt?

I know it may sound cheesy, but a personal negative experience with cyberattacks played a major role in my decision to start VPNWelt. I got an email from a friend of mine (it wasn’t him though, I didn’t bother to check the email address). I opened it and found out that it contained a couple of files. Ironically, I was expecting to receive some files from him. 

With that being said, I downloaded those files with viruses which caused significant operational issues and data loss. Let me say I don’t want anyone to experience this nightmare. The more people are informed about the importance of securing their device, the better, in my humble opinion. And that’s what my team and I do for our readers.

What’s your sitebuilder and why did you choose it?

WordPress (a dedicated hosting). WordPress powers 35% of all websites. Even eBay and The New York Times give preference to WordPress. Personally I’ve chosen it because it seemed like an obvious choice for a blog. WordPress is a reliable, secure,  easy-to-use, affordable service with its customized solutions and support system. And I don’t doubt my choice. 

You have built your own custom theme for VPNwelt. What was missing from the multitude of premade themes out there?

I wouldn’t say I was missing anything in particular. When creating the VPNWelt website, I wanted an original, unique design that would stand out from the crowd and suit my requirements and content. The goal was to make it pleasant-looking yet not distracting.

And what plugins do you think are essential for an affiliate blog like yours?

As an affiliate marketing veteran, I believe that the below-mentioned plugins are essential for having a successful affiliate blog. 
  • ThirstyAffiliates is the number one option for managing your affiliate links. With its help, you can shorten your URLs, set links to open in new tabs and insert affiliate links into a post or page using a drop-down menu.
  • Thrive Leads is an excellent plugin for marketing your affiliate links. It will drive your visitors’ attention to your links so that they click on them and also create an email list out of those who clicked on them for your further use.
  • WP In Post Ads allows you to display different ads in every blog post you choose. Ads can be inserted via a shortcode or into WordPress Hook areas.

SEO vs Social Media. Which one is giving you the best results?

I assume both SEO and Social Media are valid for marketing one’s business. They are not interchangeable. Social media marketing should be used to generate engagement, increase brand awareness, and traffic to your web content, while the primary goal of SEO is to optimize one’s content for search engines.

Talking about VPNWelt and my personal experience, SEO is more helpful for promoting my business.

How do you manage to make your blog better than the hundreds of competitors out there?

It may sound too easy and apparent, but that’s how it works. The VPNWelt team monitors fresh and relevant content that will bring value to our readers. What is more, we also try to use catchy headlines, make our content digestible by using comparative tables, adding infographics, pictures, and creating lists.

Our honest and professional reviews speak for themselves and make us popular among the public.

Last tip for all cybersecurity bloggers, what are the most interesting trends to keep an eye on?

Among the trends to keep an eye on and warn readers are the following, in my opinion:
  • Attacks on the Healthcare Sectors – one of the biggest threats due to the Coronavirus.
  • Financial Services cyber data breaches, malware attacks, and phishing via social media.
  • Threats to Higher Education because of the rise of online learning and remote work in pandemic times.
  • The usage of AI to perform routine cybersecurity checks.
  • Mobile devices attacks – since they are less protected. 
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